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  1. Hi Knap, Big fan. I'm Liverpool in season 24/25. And I'm rebuilding the team. Sold every star. I have used you 4231 echoes, and it has been working really really well for 3 seasons. But I'm struggling now. Or not really struggling, but I'm not as dominante as I used to be. Wich tactic do you thing would be good supplementing agains strong teams?
  2. Is it a mistake that the RB in bloodlust is WB and LB is IWB? But not in Ashbringer..
  3. I'm playing with Raider, I don't belive it lacks attacking power at all
  4. So the Destroyer v3 is the best tactic so far. Started using it in the West Ham game. used v2 before.
  5. So The libero version may be good against teams where you are favorite and the other way araound?
  6. I just moved up to the Championship as I've had two promotions in a row from league two. Now I'm a massive underdog. I have played with mostly 442 sympathy for the devil. Wich one would you reccomend for this year?
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