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  1. Could be Salah role Winger on attack???? Salah like to stretch defence, CM near to him underlap Salah (attack the channel) and then Salah drift inside. Is it possible to recreate this setup in FM???
  2. Thank you both for your opinions. I was going to use Rashidi´s opinions and change system to this My LB has PI to hit early crosses and RB to sit narrower. Front three have got PI to press more (left IF has got Get further forward too) - This is because I want to press defenders with my front three to force them kick the ball long, where my midfielders/defenders can win the ball back. I don´t create so many chances (about 2 half chances per game) and our games is about 1-2 goals. I am going to try analyse my faults or if it is because of wrong players for this system. BTW @Rashidi is somwhere your Phoenix system in video/text analyse? When I am looking on Youtube you often has got something like 4-3-1-2 - most similar was Red Pharaoh system with LFC for FM18. Thanks both for your help with tactics to completly lost gamer.
  3. After watching episodes about MIC (about 10 times) I am not sure if I am doing the overloading left side correctly, and I don´t know if the DLFa role is ideal to my tactics ( I am totally lost in players roles after reading so much articles) The idea for my game is overload the left side of the pitch with WBs, MEZs and IFs and with DLF on attack duty to create space for my right sided IFa to by main goalscorer. The question is - Is better to use Forward role with MIC instruction + is the BTB midfielder enough support from deep to my IFa? (I was trying to have CMa but it looks like they go to each other way). Can someone help me with explanation of tactics or tactical tweaks????
  4. I will try to get you my interpretation of Klopp´s Liverpool. Formation: 4-1-4-1DM Mentality: Standard (you can try positive, but some roles will need change a little bit) TI: Play out of defense, Play narrower, Lower tempo, Higher defensive line, Higher LOE, Offside trap, COUNTERPRESS, COUNTERATTACKS SKs - WBs, CDd, CDd, WBa - Dmd - CMa, APs - IFa, IFs - F9 (DLFs) SKs - sweep behind high line and help with creating from back (if you have GK with good passing) WBs - Create width down the right, crossing CDd - Great positioning, Jumping, Heading, Fast WBa - more offensive player to create width down the left and crossing DM- controller, deep passing option, first line of defence CMa - runner from deep to create openings in opposition defence. APs - your chief playmaker IFa - Salah. Fast, move inside, assist scoring - work as a CF wide when F9 is deeper, IFa attack through the middle (like switching position between Salah and Firmino) IFs - Mane. More creative inside forward, but can score a lot too. More forward runs PI is helpfull. Attack left channel F9 - Bobby. As a F9 can operate in golden zone during the transition and create opening for IFa in the middle to run. Sometimes can be change to DLFs (you will see in the game)
  5. You have all you need to have succesful tactics. In future you can upgrade it, thats true, but you have squad full of great players.. Just take a paper and try to draw tactics, movement ( in your ideas) and when you have idea, try to create it in game.
  6. Every player in PL can see a runs. Maybe not so far like for example De Bruyne, but if you have one CM on attack duty, they are close together to help each other. Issue could be your direct passing with positive mentality - the play is rushed and 4-1-4-1 is formation where the support from deep areas is key. If you want direct passing you need more players upfront and together - here is 4-2-3-1 better because is heavy formation and with your current TI could be great counterattacking strategy.
  7. What is lack of vision? In my opinion if you can learn him to play simple passes it can work. Especially with Lukaku - strong player who can hold ball. Striker with AM is different formation, it is Up to you which goals would you like. Maybe try 4-1-4-1 with DLF, Winger on attack (RW) - Wan Bissaka could be WBd. RCM - Pogba role and maybe Mezzala. LW inside forward support - Martial. LB could be wing back attack to provide width.
  8. I am in 5th season with HSV and Fiete Arp is great as DLFs (with two inside forwards), sometimes I switch him to F9 role which create space for my IFa to run direct to goal. If you don't want TM upfront I will try DLFs. Maybe try to learn PPM -Play simple passes to Lukaku.
  9. AF in 4-1-4-1 is problem, because there will be hole between your striker and central midfielders. One option is give one of your wingers AP role - this could help
  10. Geggenpress= countrepress There IS no way that Klopp or Guardiola use pressing for 90 minutes - when ball is lost, just countrepress for a few seconds. Yes it is possible have 4-2-3-1 to defend in 4-4-1-1 or 4-4-2 but I think for that you need to have your wingers in support. In my opinion it is better to have starting formation (which is how your team look when defending) at 4-4-1-1 and modify it with player roles/duties
  11. Just tick a countrepress. In my opinion this is Guardiola's "6 second rule"
  12. I was thinking about it today. But i am not sure about positioning od Raumdeuter. Second problems are about my support to this player. I need adapt to get most from this man. He has ability to be best in the world.
  13. After playing 4 matches my Winger scored 4 goals which is great. But I am not really happy because when he is in the box so often it is from side - it is not great angle to score especially if you left footed. I will go and try to analyse where my issues are - creating chances, support or movement. For this moment here are my KEY players: Jens Ache - My MAN - Winger attack Thiago Almada - My own Kevin de Bruyne - Roaming playmaker (but didn´t start in this 4 games because of injury) Thanks for feedback.
  14. It's just theory on paper, I don't know if it work, I need to test it and twerk it. It's not definetly LFC tactics - only inspiration. Klopp is playing on lower mentality often this season to control ball and save energy. Last match was a lot about countrepress. "Lower tempo" is because my front three was so often isolated and cannot create chances and after reading @herne79 thread about possesion (great reading, thanks for it) I try it and results + game looks so better.
  15. I want to test it with my HSV team in 4th season. Screenshot od players will be when i came home from work. But tactics is similar to LFC but with another players.
  16. Hello everyone!! I want to create thread where everyone can better understand how can role works together and put your ideas what could be better and discuss about it. I am a big LFC fan and I like the role of Mo Salah as a wide forward from last season (or from last match against Bournemouth), so my priority will be create a tactics where a wideman is my primary goalscorer (not only goalscorer). I found some tactics explanation from match against Bournemouth here: https://www.google.com/amp/s/totalfootballanalysis.com/match-analysis/liverpool-bournemouth-premier-league-tactical-analysis-statistics/amp. My key goals for tactics would be - 1. Play from defense 2. High scoring possesion football 3. LW as my primary goalscorer As I want to play high scoring possesion I am thinking about POSITIVE mentality -why? (Because I believe that it brings shorter passing on defense -playing from defense, in attack it is with more risks than standard) Line-up : SKs - Wbs, CBd, CBd, FBs -DMd - RPMs, MEZs - IFs, Wa - CFs 4-1-2-2-1 (4-1-4-1 DM) Setup - GK - Sweeper support - i want to my GK as a Sweeper behind my high defensive line and be deepest passing option for my CBs. RB -Wingback support - more attacking than FB but still available for support teammates. Help to provide width at right CBs - two classic defenders to pass the ball from defense (due to high line I prefer to have one faster and one with great positioning) LB - fullback support - player who is more defensive than WB and protect the left flank due to the attacking player infront of him. Still available to pass from defense and midfield - helping with creating from back DM - Defensive midfielder defend - player who is first defender against counter attacks. In transition helping to create from the back/ deepest midfielder when attacking. I am not sure about this role, maybe can change to Halfback in future (often because opposition two striker formations) CMr - Roaming playmaker - this player is a heartbeat of a team, maybe best and most important in the squad. I want him to come deep to help with playing from the back, dribbling, playing one twos with teammates and creating holes in opposition formation with his movement/passing. CMl - Mezzala support - the most attacking player in my midlefield. I want him to operate in left halfspace to create space to my Winger and support him with through balls. RW- IFs - my inside forward which i want in right halfspace to either shoot from distance or play pass to my running winger/ Complete forward. LW - My man. Winger on attack. It's not traditional goalscoring role but I believe it is possible to create goalscorer from this position. My idea is that he is wide which stretch the defense and create space in channels (between FB and CB) for pass from either Mezzala or RPM and due to his pace, acceleration and off the ball he will use this space to score or assist. This role is twerked by PPMs. I want to Gets forward whenever possible, Drift inside with ball. CF - Complete forward support - This player is creator, supporter and scorer in one. I want him to roam around to recieve the pass or create holes in defense, support the another forwards (either with his movement or passing) and scores goals. Team instructions - Slower tempo Higher LOE Higher defensive line Countrepress This is my tactics theory, I would love opinions from another managers to better understand tactics.
  17. You are right. In FM19 the Raumdeuter doesn't have "stay narrow". I will try to setup my tactics to create scoring machine from my Raumdeuter.
  18. Thanks for All replies.. But doesn't have Raumdeuter PI "stay narrow"?? I will go a try a watch what happened
  19. Quick question - Can be Winger on attack your primary goalscorer?? Idea is that he stretch defence for himself and create gap between CB and FB, where he can run/pass can go for him. Example of front three - IFs - DLFa - Wa
  20. You have AF who is far from teammates to support, next you have DM in defense role and another CM in defensive role. In transition who is supporting the front three? Maybe lack off runner from deep
  21. I was thinking about Mezzala as a replacement to my CMa to create overload on the right and create 1on1 on the left flank ( open space for my IF). As a APa instead of CMa, I don't think that it is runner as CMa. Is it more creative role than runner from second wave isn't it?
  22. My MCR as a CMa is runner with PPM "tried killer ball often" so i take him as a "creator. I am thinking about change my MCL as a holding creator as he can use through balls from deep to my IF. Second think is that if MCR as a Mezzala won't be better than CMa. It's well balanced and defensive solid, but i want more 😁
  23. I change system a little bit (thanks to your advice). The question is - Is it better to have my creative player next to IFa (as a MCL) or as a MCR??? Still wants to have my IF AS my primary goalscorer..
  24. Thanks for your opinion I will try it. Another possible is use my lone forward to be main scorer (Fiete Arp is really great for me) but in my opinion the "scorer from second wave" is more dangerous than classic lone forward. I bought Tonnali as my creative number 6 but lost another forward (which I use in this IFa role before) so I need to find balance for my system and players.
  25. It's nothing special on the player but as a LFC fan I want to create something like Salah last season - high scoring inside forward. Maybe I am reason why is tactics struggling when want something special from player which is more a winger then inside forward.
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