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  1. You're not going on holiday for a day when it's game day to let your assistant take over are you? If you are, that will be why.
  2. Out of nowhere, on 5th August 2024 the board just announced a change to staff numbers. The change was that I'm now allowed under 23 staff & have access to an under 23 squad in the dev centre. I didn't ask for it & have absolutely no idea what may have triggered it. Was this fixed in the latest patch from 7th Jan?
  3. I would like to add that this is also an issue for me. I'm playing as Wrexham, I'm now in the Championship. My under 18's are inundated with players too old to play in the under 18's but not yet good enough for my first team squad and I don't want them bloating that. It's also going to effect the training of my other players, by adding to the workload of either u18 or first team coaches depending on where I put these players who are in limbo and playing zero games. I wondered if maybe there is a specific point in the season where the u23 option is available but I've regularly checked thro
  4. Several people are reporting that it's a problem even with loaded leagues. I think there was a post by a moderator a week ago saying that they were still working on a fix for this, I've not seen anything since so think that's the latest. Personally, I've only played one season and put my save on hold because I don't want that to happen in my game. Even though it's supposedly going to be save game compatible, I doubt it's instantly going to add a load of players of varying ages to those youth squads that are almost bare so you might want to do the same.
  5. It sounds like you're playing FM Touch and so you'll need to report this in one of these sections of the forums, depending on what platform you're playing on. https://community.sigames.com/forum/835-football-manager-2021-touch-bugs-forum/
  6. You should be given the option to allow him to join on trial until he joins permanently. I've used that on numerous occasions on previous versions of FM. At least they're training with your squad then.
  7. I guess you could hope for them to get promoted to 3. Liga. When you check Dortmund II players, does it say they played zero games (or just the four friendlies)? Even players on loan in unplayable leagues play games, you're just not able to see them.
  8. Some people would rather not start a save, spend hundreds of hours on that save, get x amount of years into the future and achieve whatever they achieve during that time to then have to repeat the entire process again from scratch. It has nothing to do with spite whatsoever. I could be sat here saying I wasn't playing because of the bug while in reality I'm fifty seasons into a save and no-one would even know.
  9. I would honestly just ignore them. I don't even know what that is. Literally everything but the editor comes as standard with the game & the community even expands upon that by creating more substantial databases, skins, etc. I know you're just defending SI, but they have employees for that and there are moderators on the forums to manage things such as threads getting derailed. Besides, this thread hasn't made anyone ask for a refund, the bug itself has. It's highlighted the issue, but then again so have the multiple bug reports. All this thread has meant for me is
  10. Who is demanding freebies? I mean, what could you get for free for a game that you've already paid for and that has virtually no DLC that you can buy (other than editor)? Sure, there is the occasional post from a paying customer saying they'd like a refund, which as SI have pointed out, they are entitled to. Why? Because the game doesn't function as it should, meaning for that particular person it is unplayable in it's current state. The rest are just venting at the length of time it's taking to sort it out, posting information / stats on player loss or suggestions on how to lessen the im
  11. Hi Russell, I have uploaded a file, as this is also happening to me. I also didn't realise that I was playing players without their specific role for a little while but for example, George Shelvey has played as a Sweeper Keeper for at least the last 20 matches (as shown in his form) and is still upset that I'm playing him in a weak role. It's the same with Anthony Scully and Liam Shaw, but maybe not as clear cut as they may have occasionally had to fill in elsewhere. Wrexham1.fm Cheers
  12. If there is no option for stadium expansion then that means that you have expanded the Crown Oil Arena as much as it can be expanded and your only option would be to build a new stadium. It appears the ground was at least partially rebuilt in 2004 and it is hard coded into the game that you have to wait 25 years between building new stadiums, so you won't be able to ask for a new one until 2029.
  13. The bigger question would be, is it worthwhile loaning someone to the J League as the standard of football is quite low. It would depend on training facilities & squad status offered, the amount of first team football that he'll get, etc.
  14. Really? I only play with English leagues loaded, so there are no fixtures in any foreign clubs schedule other than continental competitions or friendlies if they happen to have one against an English club. I have a player on loan with Atlanta United in USA, no fixtures, no league table or other stats for MLS. When I check my players profile, he has played 15 league games, scored 10 goals, etc.
  15. I was looking around to see if there was a way to see conversation history. It seems to have completely disappeared. When you click on Discuss, your assistant or whoever gives you an indication as to what you might want to speak to them about. I wonder if he will warn me not to praise their progress in training as it's only been a week since I last did that. I usually leave it a month in between otherwise they get annoyed but with no conversation history, it's going to be guess work.
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