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  1. Transfer clauses are all well and good but I'm receiving a lot of bids from Saudi teams and I'm not convinced they'll fetch a much higher fee than me. I accepted one with a player I sold to Napoli and did try to negotiate with Man Utd on a player they bid on but I think they were trying bully tactics & pulled out as if they couldn't muster a mere £500k for my best player. The Man Utd one was funny when my player with an unambitious personality told me how ambitious he was. I've managed to win most of them around & then instantly sign them on a new three year contract anyway. Just speaking to them to try and convince them to stay, my GK wanted to move to PSG because they play Champions League football so I said we'd be doing that next season (because we win the league & qualify every year), once he was happy, three year deal with an optional one year extension.
  2. Good to see things moving along nicely. I'm also glad to see you get a load of grief from the players too, a lot seem to have the "Spt" tag on that squad screenshot. I'm getting a bit annoyed with it in my Valletta/Malta save, players are unhappy at the lack of depth in midfield. I can only assume they mean the AMC position which is only in my never used secondary tactic so I might remove that or shift it to ST. I'm at that stage where people are starting to take notice of my squad thanks to getting through to latter stages of EC. Unfortunately, that means that every club thinks they can buy my players for about £100k, even ones that I spent £200k on a year previous. It got a bit tiresome having to spend all of January batting back tiny bids for my best players and then argue with them as to why they should stay. Interesting to see that due to a sell on clause from a player you bought from a rival, they netted a bunch of money & became Professional. Something like that won't help me develop the league due to the measly offers I receive but maybe I should be buying the best Maltese youngsters to help the clubs out, rather than just signing them because they're all part time.
  3. That's great news. Like you said, 5 teams out of 12 qualifying for Europe should generate some much needed money. Malta manager has just retired on my game, so I've taken over the national squad in the hopes that fighting on both fronts speeds up the process. That message that you got above, is that based on the national teams ranking?
  4. It looks like it really is going to be a long slog, getting NI league reputation as well as your own club reputation right up there. Hopefully you notice a sort of snowball effect thanks to the work you've done so far - NI national team climbing the FIFA rankings, better young players being produced, more and more teams turning professional. I've started a similar save in Malta, I'm four seasons in and am still the only professional club. It's encouraging to see your facility upgrades progressing fairly well, plus junior coaching & youth recruitment at maximum already. I've got about £16m in the bank now but have only manage to force upgrades through via things like signing a new contract, arguing with the board & even once, leaking to the press.
  5. Last night I won the Championship with Ilkeston and was really looking forward to the Premiership after seeing the transfer budgets other people have been given but no, the chairman here is useless. £7m transfer budget & £350k p.w. wage budget. He's still refusing all typs of affiliate. Oh and he's not expanding the stadium, he's just converting some seats despite the fact that the stadium doesn't even meet league requirements for about two divisions below. Anyway, I'm very much looking forward to the £80m bank balance come the end of the season whether we get relegated or not. Maybe that will make him invest in the stadium. Something funny I noticed in this years game. Paul Clement was assistant manager at Hull and his stats were excellent so I thought I'd try and sign him only to get his response "I do not like Mayzie so have no desire to work for Ilkeston" or something along those lines. I've had no dealing with Hull, Derby or anyone else he might have been with other than playing against them this season. Why the hate?
  6. Can't post screenshots as I'm at work but my Ilkeston save is going well, I've made a lot of progress over the Xmas break while the Mrs was at work and I was off. It will be back to the odd evening now though. I'm now in the Championship and have a few mil in the bank due to the sale of some good young players and drawing Tottenham away in the FA Cup for two years running. I find that by signing free transfers part way through the season, you can attract better quality players on small wages. I think the players are basically about to give in being a professional footballer when I sign them, it is odd that other clubs don't offer them deals though. My best player currently is Josh Onomah who I signed while in League One, his attributes have just been flying up. The worry is that his release clause is something like £2.5m, but then again I suppose that will be money in the bank to support persistently running at a loss. Hopefully with Bosnia, Serbia and Montenegro joining the EU this season I might be able to pick out some bargains given the low reputation of their leagues. Maybe not as easy as sniffing out Irish & Welsh youngsters though. Due to work on the stadium we're playing at Meadow Lane (Notts County, 20k capacity) for the first eight months of this season which has caused a bunch of re-arranged fixtures meaning less days rest between them. I can see it being a long slog. I'm currently about eight games in, sat 14th in the league but only three points from the relegation zone. If I finish 14th I'll be happy because most of my players have low relegation clauses on the basis that I'd probably get sacked so not care if someone buys them for cheap lol
  7. Has anyone had much luck with Ilkeston a few seasons in? How long does it take for them to get Professional status so that I'm not losing my youngsters for nothing? I won the play offs in first season, FC United absolutely stormed the league. Now in Conference National & FC United are storming it again, while again I'm in the play off spots. I reloaded multiple times to get myself a side fairly local to where I live (Ilkeston or Matlock) & now I'm regretting not taking on a side with a higher reputation. It's difficult to attract any players, my attendances are poor and the Chairman just flat out refuses anything I ask for on the basis that this is the highest level of football the club has ever been so he's quite happy with everything as it is! He wont even get me a senior affiliate to loan players or to bring in a bit of extra cash. After promotion though, he's decided to build a new stadium presumably to meet league requirements as we only fill about a quarter of our current one. That has put the club in a crap situation financially (£1m loan debt) despite a nice little cup run and my great financial managment last season which saw us with a healthy £250k in the bank. The loan debt has only served as another excuse for him not to improve any facilities, which is annoying because I feel like I'm starting to build a team of good young players who aren't going to get better without the facilities in place to do so. Now I'm in a situation where I've maxed my wages out and with the loan debt I'm in for a financially crippling season. The only thing that will save me is promotion to the Football League and something ridiculous like a draw at Old Trafford in the FA Cup.
  8. The only reason I've kept Tyler Walker about is for home grown players, his wages are minimal & better to have the option of playing him that being a man short in my quota. Well done on the Euro Cup FloydRix. I did the same thing after dropping out CL at group stages. Finished fourth in my second season in Prem so again qualified for Champions League. Turned down for a new stadium once again though, Fawaz thinks we need a bigger fan base otherwise it's not worthwhile. I've got a £60m budget plus sold £25m of players and I really want to develop some of the younger ones I already have so I think if I don't bother with big name signings & just keep the money in the bank then maybe he'll agree to it. Munir has gone back to Barca who wanted daft money for me to loan him again or to buy him, then Everton snap him up for £25m! I was stuck without a quality forward so I got Patrick Aubameyang on loan from Bayern. I was going to buy him but refuse to pay £12m transfer fee then £140k a week wages for a player who is 29yo and realistically only has 2-3 years until he starts to heavily decline. I've signed two left wingers, Ahmed Musa & Jese for approx £10m a piece. Sold Egrys Kace and Claudio Bumba for £12.5m each.
  9. This might be something to do with Staff Responsibilities. If you have a member of staff in charge of individual training the option will be greyed out until you no longer delegate that job & put yourself as responsible for it.
  10. I think this is mainly the new PL deal. Fawaz invested £15m or something like that when I got promoted I think but since then he hasn't had to put in a penny, I'm operating on massive profits year on year even with £30-50m budget & about £11m spent a year on improving facilities. Then again, I see on that new stadium news item it says £95m or something will be funded by stadium sponsorship so I'm guessing that will be Fawaz Fridges getting their money out lol
  11. Yeah, exactly that. I think he was transfer listed for a good six months before I managed to get him after winning the Championship in the first season. Finished fourth in Prem second season but Champions League was tough so soon after getting promoted & playing with a young, developing side. That & only having Ben Osborn as a first team squad member who is home grown at club so I was three players short on a full squad. I got knocked out in group stages to PSG & Real Madrid, I'm in Europa Cup quarter final now but the likes of Monaco are still in it so chances of winning are slim. On the transfer budget front, I think I was given around £25-£30m in the first window in the Prem then without any notice I saw I was linked to splash out on some player so checked my finances and I had another £30m or so to spend in January, so I did. Ryan Mendes & Nelson Oliveira were fantastic in the Championship and I was quite tempted to buy them but didn't. Off the top of my head, my second season signings were: Youri Tielemans Iver Fossum Richairo Zivkovic Andrija Zivkovic Guillermo Sara Thiago Maia Nathanial Clyne (transfer listed, bought in Jan) Felix Passlack (loan) Joe Gomez (loan) Claudio Bumba Bjorn Engels A. Zivkovic & Bumba were freebies. Andrija Zivkovic is the best player I've got by a mile. He's immense and has topped the scoring and assist tables for two seasons now. Third season signings: Ron Robert Zieler - GK (free) Emannual Mammana - CB Nemanja Antonov - LB Borja (Lopez) - CB Tomas Kalas (CB/RB) Andros Townsend RW/LW Munir CF (Loan) Vadlac Cerny - RW/LW Marcelo Meli - CM Kalas & Townsend were mainly to boost my HG numbers, I didn't realise Zieler was HG too so that was a bonus. I also bought a load of youngsters for development, including Maximiliano Romero & Andre Dozzell. My starting line-up usually looks something like this now: Zieler (GK) Clyne(RB) - Mammana (BPD) - Regen (CD)/Borja(CD) - Antonov (LB) Maia (DM) Fossum (BBM) - Meli (BBM) / Tielemans (AP) Zivkovic (IF) - Cerny / Bumba (W) Munir / Zivkovic (AF) Tielemans / Meli rotation depends on how defensively I think I need to play and the regen CB I've got is only 18yo but apparently is as good as Borja. A. Zivkovic is magic. I've turned down a £60m bid from Monaco for him and offered him a new contract making him the highest paid player (£70k iirc). He's topped the scoring, assists & MoM charts for the club for two seasons running now as well as being linked with the Premiership Player & Young Player of the Year Awards. Glad to see someone is having a new stadium built. When I asked they reckoned we needed more supporters before they'd do that and tbh, they're probably right. We've only have two league sellouts this season and 94% av attendance. I have had the training and youth facilities upgraded a couple of times now as well as increased youth recruitment and coaching so I'm generally quite happy with how things are going.
  12. Paul Robinson is a 4.5* Defending coach again this year.
  13. Has anyone had any luck getting a WP with Dylan Burns? I'm in season three now and he's been on a month to month contract for over a year because New Zealand aren't highly enough ranked for him to get a Work Permit apparently. Two more years until he has English second nationality, but AC Milan and a bunch of other big sides are sniffing around him now & I'll only get £625k compo for him if he goes.
  14. Hopefully he hasn't had too much of a downgrade. Last night I blew half of my transfer budget on him despite the CM position not being where I was in desperate need of anyone. He handed in a transfer request, so I "snapped him up" for a mere £10m end of first season for my newly promoted Nottingham Forest side. Then I decided I couldn't turn down a £1m Iver Fossum so have four good CM's and a crap defence.
  15. Is anyone aware of a youth recruitment/junior coaching bug? The chairman has agreed to increase it about six times now but each time says it will now gradually operate on a basic level. It's never got any better. Youth level is still at 0 & they reckon we can't afford to up it although we are getting a new stadium.
  16. Your transfer budget is terrible, I don't know how you cope. I qualified for CL & got a massive £16m to spend so shipped half my second string for about £40m & bought some class younger players.
  17. Sounds like a case for Dom Littlewood & Melinda Messenger.
  18. Dafuge, what are your facilities like? I'm just beginning my second season in the Premiership and despite having a huge bank balance, the board refuse to upgrade anything without an argument and even then they only spend £1.8m on each Training and Youth Facilities so I think are minimally improving them. Increasing Junior coaching & youth recruitment requests no longer appear. I have been pestering them and attending job interviews for jobs I've no intention of taking just so they agree to upgrade things for a number of seasons now though I even added to my job remit developing own youth players in the hope the board would realise our facilities aren't good enough to actually do that & would improve them significantly but it didn't happen.
  19. I don't finish until 3pm tomorrow but am not back in until 5th Jan. I've not seen a number of my friends & family in a while and have been too busy recently, so I've just been telling people I'll sort out catching up over the Christmas holidays. Now I've got about five different groups of people to meet up with so will spend a fortune, be hungover all week and come back to work more tired than I was when I broke up.
  20. I can't resist Genie Scout so cheat & wont post updates but will say the Hereford chairman is **** with finances. I got his profile up & his attributes are stupidly low other than patience. I'm in League One & he has failed to find a parent club every year & I've only got a single sponsorship deal for about £50k p.a. He's a made up person so I'm not sure others will be so unlucky as to have a dreadful chairman who loves the club so wont leave but it's really frustrating managing the finances to the level that I've had to just because basically he can't be arsed to get off his arse & set up deals which could bring in probably an extra £200k a year!
  21. Sounds like I'm going to have to take my calculator home and work out a more realistic budget. Maybe it would have been easier to offload everyone & bring in a fresh set of players on really low wages to try and cut the losses while in the Conference North. I've royally screwed myself here, I brought in some top players with 30% promotion wage rises which look like they'll kick in at the end of the season. I believe the players I've signed are easily good enough to get me out of the next league into League Two within a season or two - before their contracts run out, then I've got some serious re-evaluting to do. Are players fairly open to taking a wage cut when the club is in the ****?
  22. I started this a couple of nights ago but forgot to add in the additional players so I've no idea who the players in my squad were when I took over Hereford on the 26th June. They're on a fair whack for average players though, some on as much as £1.1k per week. Luckily the majority have only got a year left on their contracts. Also all the reserves contracts expired this year so I let them all go to save cash. The club had over 300k in the bank & have reached the third round of the FA Cup but by xmas I'm in the red despite not going over the wage budget. I'm top of the league but attendances have been poor (600 average) & projected balance is -£1.2m at season end so I've no idea what will happen there. I signed some quality free players with a lot of potential so maybe someone will bail me out by meeting their release clauses. You could argue that my squad is too big, but I have 7-8 players injured at all times & no u18/reserve squad to fall back on. It's really starting to **** me off. Even more frustratingly I signed a few coaches not realising the club has no physio & now I'm unable to get one. I thought though, the physio only diagnosed the injury & helped with the accuracy of how long it will last. I've switched to resting players before & after games but dropped match day training right down to 10% so that they get some form of training in, which is on balanced with no individual training. Any advice on not constantly getting palyers injured or managing the finances of a club with no fans would be appreciated. I think for the sake of finances I'm gonna offer out 2-3 squad players who aren't getting much game time then if I need anyone desperately, just get a couple of loans in (I only have two so far). That should save me a good £100k over the course of the second half of the season.
  23. I've put my Forest save on the backburner & started Dafuge's challenge as Hereford. It all came too easy with Forest, being in the Champs League after a few seasons & having a new stadium built, I know how it goes from there - the club pulls in ridiculous amounts of cash & so long as you're smart with it, you're challenging for back to back titles & CL trophies within a couple of years. I decided I need a club to struggle along with no cash through the lower leagues to have a really long term save. My most enjoyable save was a couple of versions ago starting with Mansfield in the Conference, so hopefully I can replicate that with Hereford. If it frustates me, I'll be back on the Forest save so I can win everything & feel better about myself.
  24. I'd recommend signing a top quality CB. I like that you've gone quite British with as many signings as you could but Craig Dawson & Chris Smalling are really not good enough. I signed Ezequiel Munoz from Parma & he really sured up my defence. He always does. I think I've signed him for the last three versions of FM because he's willing to come to relatively low reputation clubs, is reasonably priced and a good age (26-27 in 2017). I've got Vallejo / Munoz as my first choice CB's on my save then a couple of regens after I sold Mammana for about £20m even though he only played about 20 games for me. I've also had my eye on Stones for a season or two because Arsenal haven't been playing him, only you will know how well Man City have developed him in your game though. AI is sometimes not very good at developing youngsters, especially clubs like Man City who buy players for the sake of it & just let them rot. Just look at Jack Rodwell in real life. Even Micah Richards who has only managed about ten games in three seasons.
  25. I think your problem is that you play Sterling as a CM. Is he any good in that position? I would have thought his most natural positions would be AMC/L/R. I play Tielemans as a box to box, mainly because I've got & always have had too many Advanced Playmakers, none of which were any good as anything else whereas he was equal on most roles. Also, on my save he has 19 Natural Fitness so that stat is definitely random.
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