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  1. Yep, second this. Folx is superb for torrents and the unarchiver does a great job as well for Mac
  2. Good days them. FM is superb the way it is now but those were the days you fell in love with the game.
  3. Not sure why it changes the team names to long as it's only affecting the fake names and fake comp names I would have thought
  4. So when you do the names fix does it default all the names to long names as well then? Thanks. Yeah, im probably in a minority which prefers the short team names on the scoreboard and league table. Every year when I put the fix in it changes the team names to long for league table and match day. I normally have to play with the fake names every year as I dont want to sacrifice the short team names Thanks though
  5. Any way of applying the real name/comp name fix without it affecting the teams short and long name in the skins for match day and league? So all the teams are using their short names in the league and match day scoreboard which I prefer. For example Man Utd 1-1 Sheff Wed. As soon as I apply the fix so Zebra is now Juventus and Premier division is Premier league it changes the team names from short to long. So now on match day it goes across the scoreboard as Manchester United 1 - 1 Sheffield Wednesday. Just looks massive and stretched for me when using long team names. Any way for the fix
  6. The fonts are located in the fonts folder just inside the main skin folder. The font for this is called scoreboard.otf. All you have to do is make a copy of another font in there you like and rename it to scoreboard.otf (making sure at first you rename/delete the original one first).
  7. You're probably right. In the early CM days it will always load up and show the background pics on the full time result just like match day but in recent years it seems to need more and more tweaking to the point when it doesn't seem to do it anymore. Got it looking really good though now, thanks for all your help. I'm gonna try the odds reply you posted shortly as well. Least it isn't crashing anymore on the post match full time result screen
  8. @Obaaabut in the same league it works and you can also see the background pic. So to sum it up. It seems to work now for me. Same league it will work and show the background pic for the full time result, outside of my league or cup it will work but not show the background pic. Not sure if @michaeltmurrayuk would know why that is? Unless it just isn't possible
  9. just tried about 6 results from different leagues around Europe and still seems to be fine except the background pic showed before when it randomly crashed and now it doesnt. So im Sheff Wed in the championship. I've just clicked on the result from the Rennes v Bordeaux game (before it would instantly crash) now it loads like this
  10. I'll test it again. I tried about a dozen results outside my league last night. Italian league, conference, etc. I also noticed that before I removed these two folders then if I exited a cup competition I could not longer view the results of that cup competition going forward as it would crash. It is a very strange bug though. The other leagues are set to process match details in full
  11. Thanks for this, I’ll check when I get in. I thought the second part might be game design but thought I’d double check. Ta
  12. Thanks. So far so good since I removed the folders. Clicked on other leagues around the world and I can click on their result so I’ll keep my eye on it but thanks again
  13. Doesn’t seem to do it for me now since I removed the cache and preferences folder. The background pic no longer appears on the full time result screen but I’ll take that over it crashing
  14. https://support.sega.co.uk/hc/en-gb/articles/360015199257-How-to-remove-my-Preferences-and-or-Caches-Folder#text
  15. You're getting there. The panels should keep the level of transparency though, so moving the panels in game shouldn't make them completely hollow like your original pics. Maybe clear the cache folder and reload skin. OR remove the cache folder altogether from the OS you use
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