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  1. Can you help me, guys? Ever since I installed the real name fix, it has fully extended club names when it comes to match day, searching or showing in the league itself. So instead of being Sheff Wed or Man City it is showing Sheffield Wednesday and Manchester City which is too many characters to view, cuts half of them off Any way of getting their names shortened again or do I have to reverse the real name fix and live with it? Ta
  2. Hi Probably a quick one this hopefully. Any way of putting the match day team names in ALL caps or in a bold format? I've sent a pic of the match day team names with lower case (except first letter of first and last name plus no bold font) Thanks
  3. Yeah mate, there is a post in regards to downloading a mod, then removing a specific line. Search for my posts and see if you can find it, if not I'll take a look. I have the 3d switched off and always have the stadium pics in the background as well like the old days. Much prefer it than the 3d pitch
  4. Ah right, actually thought it was to do with the skin. Thanks for your help
  5. Any way of getting the currency symbol at the beginning of the value rather than at the end? I've attached a screenshot of what I mean, thanks
  6. I installed the real names licence fix to sort out the incorrect name of the Premier League being called the Premier Division, etc but it has changed all the team names to long names only. Is there a way to get the team names back to the shortened version? On Match Day for example Sheff Wed is now Sheffield Wednesday in the match title bar and it doesn't fit. This affects every team now that has a long name Cheers
  7. Hi Is there any way to keep the match panel on the screen all the time during the game, it keeps popping on and doing off randomly during the match. I would like it to stay on all game as I think the transparency of the panel is perfect and is allowing me to see the stadium pic in the background perfectly without having to remove it ive attached 2 screenshots to show you what I mean See how the first screen it is there in the foreground but on the next screen it's gone. I haven't paused the game or anything or clicked on anything, just randomly disappears and comes back tha
  8. Trust me mate, you've helped loads and I appreciate it. Got it working more or less exactly how I want now. I wouldn't bother with it because it is only a slight niggle, I've got used to it now. Up to me now to get Sheff Wed back in the big time, haha Thanks again
  9. I tried yours and it seemed fine, when I tried blue's it removed the team names, scores, etc. Might be because I didn't do it correctly. I've attached the file for you, thanks for your help match title bar.xml
  10. Or is it this bit of code for example for the home team score? Is it something in this I have to edit, obviously the same goes for the away code as well <!--home score --> <widget class="text" id="T1sc" size="25" auto_size="horizontal" alignment="centre_y" font="scoreboard" colour="text"> </widget> <container width="120"> <layout class="arrange_vertical_attachment" alignment="middle" offset="0" gap="2" /> <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment"
  11. So do you have to edit something on this line to move the scores more in the centre of the block. As you can see from the scores on the screenshot, the home score is too far left and the away score is too far right Do I have to edit anything from this bit of code to make the more in the centre? <attachment_group class="horizontal_arrange" horizontal_alignment="middle,extend" vertical_offset="0" vertical_alignment="vertical" horizontal_inset="10" />
  12. Getting there Any way to make the score more in the centre, as you can see the home score is on the far left and the away score is on the far right. Wouldn't mind them more in the centre. Appreciate your help with all this though
  13. Think I've found it, so it's this image that I would like just black and not an led electronic screen. So do I have to replace this PNG file with something else? Sorry if this is not making sense, ive attached a screenshot to see if it helps. The code path that took me to that folder, etc. Thanks
  14. Is this in the match title bar xml file? If so it doesn't exist that bit of code. I have tried finding id=scor and that particular set of code but it isn't present in that file
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