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  1. I keep getting "trial cancelled": What am I doing wrong? All my trialists are moved to U23.
  2. But a lot of mine were cancelled while I was still in talks with the others? Can you "offer trial" and specify it's for the U23? If you have to wait until they are at your club, do you have to only invite them bit-by-bit? Specifically, it said I had enough trasfers for the window. I tried to get them all in, in June. I haven't done anything except offer a transfer (and make offers to some staff). What am I doing wrong?
  3. I have asked a ton of trialists. I want to accept anyone that will come. Do I have to accept one-at-a-time through the Inbox, or is there a quicker way?
  4. I'm new to this Challenge - I've never even done LLM before. I've watched Rashidi's videos, but he skips over some stuff. Help! : a) Before i get to Sky Bet 2, I need to increase my stadium size from 2,800 (now) to 7,000. How long does that take? When do I need to apply for it? b) When do I apply to the board for all the other stuff: Increasing youth budgets, facilities, my training badges, etc. My team is Kettering. I just picked the highest rep club off the list. Thanks for all your help guys.
  5. I think I saw a whole article on this. But generally I prefer all my CDs (and I often play 3) have different (St/De/Co). I think it adds a lot more. Obviously depends on how you're conceding goals; if it's through balls from deep you want a cover, if it's from crosses it might not be a CD problem alone, if it's from opposing AM having too much time you might want a stopper.
  6. Real

    FM19 Tactics by TFF

    Understood, thanks.
  7. Real

    FM19 Tactics by TFF

    I apologize for not being clear. In your tactic, the DMCL and DMCR have different roles One is VOL, the other is not. wouldn't this mean the DMCL has different High Importance Attributes than the DMCR? For instance, wouldn't Off The Ball be more important in a VOL than a normal DMC role?
  8. Real

    FM19 Tactics by TFF

    TFF, Thanks for providing. You have two different roles in DM, a Segunda Volante, and a more traditional role. Wouldn't those require different attributes for the ideal player?
  9. I keep hearing about FM19 set pieces being overpowered. Does this mean direct free kicks, or corners/indirect free kicks? To exploit this, would I get a tall team, an excellent free kick/corner taker, and set the "play for set pieces" shout? Also, I heard crosses are the easiest way to score in FM19. Does this mean getting FBs to cross from deep? Want to start game on "easy" mode! Better than using the editor, I guess. Thanks, Real
  10. Might be wrong here, but playmakers get the ball a lot. Do you want Henderson and Lallana getting the ball a lot? Are they your best players?
  11. Beginner here, hijacking the thread. I understand 2x carillero if you have 2 strikers (4 - Diamond - 2), but if you have an AMR & AML, isn't two carilleros and the AMR&L duplicating some of the same responsibilities?
  12. I think I've been unclear - friendlies are an exploit for the money you gain, so you should make as many as possible. I only mentioned using weak players, otherwise your 1st team would get too tired.
  13. I disagree. According to https://www.forbes.com/sites/bobbymcmahon/2016/10/09/this-week-in-soccer-biz-why-real-madrids-700m-in-revenue-beats-barcelonas-767m/#405b21b67375, they make less than 50 mil a year. I've been creating over 10 extra friendlies a game; that's a 40% profit increase.
  14. I book friendlies every chance i get - international breaks, the summer etc. Playing as Real Madrid (I'm not that good at FM!), I get around $3M a friendly (and pay a $1M fee, for a net gain of $2M). I play my weakest squad and youth players. I see no downside. Is this an exploit?