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  1. Currently you get a warning if you start a game with too few substitutes. I would add to this if you play a Goalkeeper in an outfield position. I "fat-fingered" the player I wanted to put in; easy to do on a touchscreen. +1 for Comparison Screen, on the full game it's literally the first thing I look at when entering a new league. +1 for >30 seasons. Seasons don't last long in this game, so it's very possible you could get through that. I never got close to it in the full game, but I can do a season in 1-2 days on FMM. So 365 seasons in a year!
  2. Starting a game with a fake manager for a year, then transitioning into the "worst of the worst". If only there was a group of FM'ers that did that already...
  3. Real Madrid, beginning second season. Gareth Bale has 3years left @ 32M/year, Key Player. He's unhappy with his contract. He wants 28M for the next three years instead (so 4M less). I'm very happy to give it to him! What's going on?
  4. I count 16 saves in that. What rating did he get?
  5. Spurs 0-1 Man Utd: De Gea makes 11 saves. Gets 7.2 r.ating on FM19. If he'd have saved a penalty, would have got 7.6!
  6. I was trying to find a challenge where you have to vacation through every game, so you are basically a DoF (but could set tactics/training), but couldn't find one since an FM12 suggestion in May 2012. Is there a challenge like this already? Thanks y'all Real
  7. Hi Knap, why don't don't you have the "Tackle Harder" shout on the CD's or BBM? Thanks, Real
  8. I never had this problem on FM18. You just approached in January of the contract expiration year, and offered them a contract. It's telling me I need to make the club an offer first. If relevant, I'm in the Vanarama North, and it's the second game season (I'm doing DaFuge's challenge). What am I doing wrong?
  9. How are they calculated. I just won 1-0 against the pre-season league favorites away, with my GK saving 10 shots, including a penalty and four 1v1s. He got a 7.6 rating, which is good, obviously, but he didn't get POTM. If a striker gets 3/4 goals (to my mind an equivalent contribution), he gets 9+ every time.
  10. I'm sorry I was unclear - I want it for FM19, like the one he did for FM18. Are they transferable?
  11. Wanted: "Only Commentary"/ Between Highlights Skin like Michael Murray's for FM18. I looked in this forum, but I couldn't find it. Especially interested in clear cut/ half chances. Instructions on how to install (if the normal way doesn't work) would be great also. Thanks guys. Edit: Used FM18 Version, and it works fine.
  12. Great Tactics! In the TH, Defending against Direct free kicks, the "Go Forward" is MCL, rather than a ST. Also, why has "tackle harder" been turned off for everyone? When you are picking a tactic for your team - how do you decide between, say, 442, 343 etc. Just the players you have, or do you think one is stronger than the others, with the current match engine? Thanks, Real
  13. Hi Knap. Thanks for this. What are the differences between the tactics? What would be best for Dafuge's Challenge? Is there a code to your tactics i.e. do the words ARGUS/GOODBYE/BEOWOLF/PILGRAMAGE mean anything in particular? I've read SUS means "Shut up Shop". How do you think people should decide between all the tactics you've created. (All of which are better than anything I could do, I'm sure). Thanks, Real
  14. "If you are having problems, please make note of it by replying here." Just tried downloading Knap 424 Press, got this: This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below. <Error> <Code>AccessDenied</Code> <Message>Request has expired</Message> <X-Amz-Expires>1200</X-Amz-Expires> <Expires>2018-11-29T03:24:37Z</Expires> <ServerTime>2018-11-29T09:19:49Z</ServerTime> <RequestId>2AC8F8367E29CEFE</RequestId> <HostId> DlMRgOj/mTwy6sxpNFHlO/kKy4owgm8O+9ccxPNn9H3kaibBRY5T7mJucI9862IgTNn7UXnMsk4= </HostId> </Error>
  15. Spoiler Alert! How big should my squad be (how many trialists/loans should i offer contracts to?)
  16. I keep getting "trial cancelled": What am I doing wrong? All my trialists are moved to U23.
  17. But a lot of mine were cancelled while I was still in talks with the others? Can you "offer trial" and specify it's for the U23? If you have to wait until they are at your club, do you have to only invite them bit-by-bit? Specifically, it said I had enough trasfers for the window. I tried to get them all in, in June. I haven't done anything except offer a transfer (and make offers to some staff). What am I doing wrong?
  18. I have asked a ton of trialists. I want to accept anyone that will come. Do I have to accept one-at-a-time through the Inbox, or is there a quicker way?
  19. I'm new to this Challenge - I've never even done LLM before. I've watched Rashidi's videos, but he skips over some stuff. Help! : a) Before i get to Sky Bet 2, I need to increase my stadium size from 2,800 (now) to 7,000. How long does that take? When do I need to apply for it? b) When do I apply to the board for all the other stuff: Increasing youth budgets, facilities, my training badges, etc. My team is Kettering. I just picked the highest rep club off the list. Thanks for all your help guys.
  20. I think I saw a whole article on this. But generally I prefer all my CDs (and I often play 3) have different (St/De/Co). I think it adds a lot more. Obviously depends on how you're conceding goals; if it's through balls from deep you want a cover, if it's from crosses it might not be a CD problem alone, if it's from opposing AM having too much time you might want a stopper.
  21. I apologize for not being clear. In your tactic, the DMCL and DMCR have different roles One is VOL, the other is not. wouldn't this mean the DMCL has different High Importance Attributes than the DMCR? For instance, wouldn't Off The Ball be more important in a VOL than a normal DMC role?
  22. TFF, Thanks for providing. You have two different roles in DM, a Segunda Volante, and a more traditional role. Wouldn't those require different attributes for the ideal player?
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