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  1. International goals for any player are maxed out at 250 then it resets to zero afterwards
  2. what does this impact in-game as its the only uneditable option with the IGE.
  3. My game has Diego Costa listed twice in the squad number registration so i cant get passed as i cant assign them both numbers
  4. i was doing an experiment with having a perfect striker but once he scored 254 goals internationally it reset the number.
  5. one of my players aren't showing up on his milestones page. (Overall and Landmarks) while the other pages have his accomplishments show up
  6. yea the only changes I made was changing the midfield roles to deep-lying playmaker and box to box midfielder the DM to a roaming playmaker my striker to a poacher and moved the tempo down to normal and the mentality to balanced (was getting too many injuries otherwise)
  7. works now for season and week awards but can't select month as a valid period
  8. I uninstalled and reinstalled editor and still see this
  9. Can we get SI help with this (i have no min player rule set but when i start the game there is a min player rule) here is the editor file Canada test 2.fmf
  10. this happened again with a new database can someone please help?
  11. I don't know what is happening but when I go to edit staff with ige (haven't noticed it with players yet) half the screen disappears and I cant open the ige menu. and sometimes the menu disappears when its opened and the screen freezes or when a window is open but then a phantom ok button is there Normal screen for reference
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