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  1. would you mind explaining it again as I read that entire thread and am still completely lost
  2. I did and I'm still confused how I do it. I read that entire thread and I'm still lost
  3. like I said I haven't touched that file in the Database I just touched the Canada files that's why I'm confused
  4. the EC qualifying doesn't have registered teams in the FM 21 Database and I swapped canada and San Marino the UEFA Nations League and that didn't do anything at all the as San Marino was still in the nations league and I still get that error in the advanced verification
  5. no cause I did this to fix the problem in my other DB that I posted about but this one caused the World Cup to disappear so I recreated the World Cup but no teams would end up qualifying for the world cup though
  6. how would I do that if its the registered teams info then it can't be and I haven't edited that file
  7. So I was able to swap Canada and San Marino but when I try to verify the database in the advanced rules I get this error and I have no clue how to fix it.
  8. I re created the Euro cup but now the Fifa world cup and the UEFA Nations League comps are missing from the game including the World Cup qualifiers for every confederation except Asia
  9. In Fm every continent has this except for North America and i was wondering if anyone knew how to do that in the editor as i know how to make continental files but could never figure out how to get dynamic qualification
  10. How do i set it in the rules that if a team qualifies for the Champions league through the league and wins the FA cup that the Champions league qualification spot given to the FA Cup will go to the 4th placed team in the league? This is a DB for North America and Canada
  11. How do i change the country that a team gets it's newgens from cause when i move a team from Canada to england they still get canadian newgens even if their stadium is based in england and their city is in england. so how do i make it that they get english newgens?
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