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  1. In Fm every continent has this except for North America and i was wondering if anyone knew how to do that in the editor as i know how to make continental files but could never figure out how to get dynamic qualification
  2. When i merge a nation file with a continental file all rules for the continental file (being merged into the nation file) are essentially removed as i have to re enter all the staging and rounds and it takes forever when in 2019 everything merged seamlessly. the same problem happens in reverse when merging a nation file into a continental file
  3. I was changing a players last name but somehow it changed a different players last name as well to that as well. The players had different last names beforehand and they are not related.
  4. How do i set it in the rules that if a team qualifies for the Champions league through the league and wins the FA cup that the Champions league qualification spot given to the FA Cup will go to the 4th placed team in the league? This is a DB for North America and Canada
  5. How do i change the country that a team gets it's newgens from cause when i move a team from Canada to england they still get canadian newgens even if their stadium is based in england and their city is in england. so how do i make it that they get english newgens?
  6. How do i upload a logo pack to the steam workshop?
  7. I am creating a custom North American Database and was wondering how i could have leagues gain or lose champions league spots based on their leagues reputation
  8. how do i change the flag on the top left of the screen?
  9. i hav every stage set up properly for my continental comp but i get this error and there is a cup stage at index 1 Alberta league and ocntinent werid error.fmf
  10. When i go into a game players on both teams have no jerseys or sometimes they are invisible
  11. Will this be included in the base game next year? no download?
  12. the update day for player ages should be the day the season starts as that was confirmed by Jeff Paulus (FCE manager) as Easton Ongaro a player who turned 21 mid season still counted as a U21 for the entirety of the season
  13. 2021 Gold Cup interferes with the 2021 Club World Cup as the Gold Cup should now start with squads being named on July 5th not 4th https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2021_FIFA_Club_World_Cup#cite_note-BBC-6
  14. here is the editor file just ran it again and same problem CPL official 1.1.fmf
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