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    [FM18] Error 404: Title Not Found

    Time to quit while ahead?
  2. I just started a Newcastle save for a bit of fun recently playing my way... now I want to do this
  3. Thanks for that. I’ll try sticking more risky passes on. I’ve also added pass into space to try and get the whole team in general to try those low percentage passes
  4. I played a downloaded tactic on last years FM which was counter attacking and from memory, our passes tended to be long to the halfway line before any one of the front four put it through to any other of the front four. I may try Maddison as an AP-A but I wanted to avoid playmakers as from experiance they tend to slow down counter attacks through consistently being fed the ball
  5. That might be something. I’ll see if we can sit back more and have a look
  6. Right so I took over at Leicester looking to attempt to create a good counter tactic based off two solid banks of four, pace and trickery on the wings, a midfielder running in from the 10 role and an out and out Poacher to latch on to through balls and generally focus on scoring goals. So using this I tried to create a tactic and I ended up with this: ———————GK-D——————— —WB-S——CD-D—CD-D——FB-S— —IW-S——CM-D—BBM-S——W-A— ———————AM-A——————— ———————-P-A———————— Mentality: Counter shape: flexible TI’s: More direct passing, much higher tempo, clear ball to flanks Ive tried to do what I think would increase the chances of us launching a counter attack, yet we don’t seem to launch forward violently like I hoped. When we’ve played opposition of our equal in pre season I’ve noticed that when we do win the ball in the defensive phase we’re not immediately thinking attack but going sideways and it’s leading to a lot of missed chances. I understand there is an algorithm that triggers a counter attack and I understand that on counter, attacking and overload that number decreases, but by how much. I’m tempted to try this tactic on attacking except with a lowered D-Line, narrower width and lower closing down to create the defensive shape. Does that increase counter attacks? Please give me some advice and so we can clear this up, it’s not the players. Here’s my team (from left to right): Schmeichal, Chilwell Maguire Soyounacu Perreria, Gray Silva Ibbora Sisto, Maddison, Iheanatcho/Vardy
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    (FM18) De Superfriezen - Reigniting Lenstra's Legacy

    Okay... can’t wait to see how this season ends out though
  8. No, some Azerbaijani bloke got a top tier Azerbaijan job of the back of FM Also Hull City to Real Madrid? Bloody hell when did that become possible?
  9. Are we still at the Boston United Stadium?
  10. We’re now ahead of Liverpool... this is not a drill, I repeat: this is not a f****** drill St Buyran are ahead of Liverpool in the EPL
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    [FM18] Error 404: Title Not Found

    The question is... will you stay or will you go?
  12. That coefficient boost (and financial for Dinamo) could Ben of huge help for Croatia, plus it get boring when you Winn everything all the time... no offence
  13. December 2017 Update: Harrogate United Turns Out we're Vincable after all Results Normally... this still wouldn't look good. With the congested non league christmas schedule, especially with us still being in all three cups could've made our season. Teams all around us lost their bottle, but so did we. FCUM I put down to heads being turned by the Newcastle draw, Spennymoor was appaling (and saw both Ainge and Cundle get month long injuries) and Boston saw us down to 10 from the 33rd minute. I just hope we don't look back on this month as the one that cost us the league. League Table See what I mean when I say all the title chasers hit poor form... Transfers (At this point screenshots stop working) Three month long emergency loans to deal with Paul Konchesky's suspension and Ben Parker's injury at LB. Nash and Nbo are both strikers to insure I don't have to spend a month using Knowles
  14. Well I’ve certainly never had one, anything intresting happen?
  15. I dont care It's not the money spinning away day I wanted, but I fear no team at this point. We're riding the crest of a wave right now so anything is possible. An unforgettable match at Wetherby Road awaits EDIT: I need to remember to save! My game promptly crashed and we were sent back to the moments after the win. This time we got Newcastle away
  17. Come on. If you don’t win the league at least there may well be 2 Croat teams in the UCL groups next year
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    [FM18] Fire by Trial

    Lower Bundesliga is a bit out of my range unfortunately. I can work with a lower league (up to L1) English team, but not sure about lower Bundesliga
  19. Come on St Buyran, pull through for us!
  20. SmileFaceGamer

    When the GOAT of one sport tries his hand at another...

    I don’t know what any of those words mean I don’t watch tennis... unfortunately
  21. November 2017 update: Harrogate United We're a ******* machine Results So the three that will stick out are Gateshead (you've seen) and the two Lemington matches. Blyth got nervy towards the end but we continued their horrible run. York was a huge win (you'll see why later). Then theres Lemington. I employed McCombe to mark their target man after he did so well against Parkin in the York game, we were 3-1 down at HT. Then I dont know what drugs my players took on but only the fitness I guess could tell that much. It showed again, as I presumed the frail mental states did when we met them in the league. Table We're finally (genuinley with Games in hand factord) top of this league. We may be machines, but so are Salford, Boston and York it seems. Only the best machine will win Finances Thank god for the FA Cup
  22. I think my neighbors (and parents) will be concerned... I was about to put my fist through my computer when I saw this but 1: computers are expensive and 2: after beating high flying Gateshead... this might be doable
  23. Yeah about that... I' a disloyal ****. I'll give this job a look but it needs to be good to compete with Harrogate EDIT: I attended the 'board wants you to stay' meeting, they gave me a small wage hike which makes it easier to handle/my over
  24. October 2017 Update: Harrogate Town Now with league tables Results What. A. Month. Some exhillerating matches and goals, goals galore. We also have earned a reputation as fairly slow starters. Not in terms of scoring, but preformance. Anyway the months games. Gainsborough looked like some dropped points at HT, 1-1 With Trinety in the ascendency, but my livewire strikers Gray and Cundle put paied to that. Against Telford we were just very poor and lucky to come away with a point from New Bucks Head. Brackely also gave me a scare, we looked like a replay at HT, but yet again my strikers turned up when the heat was on. Nuneaton were just very very poor, can't say much more on that match. Stockport then gave me a fright, going two up inside 17 mins, then we led a superb fight back to keep us in the breakaway group. And Tamworth were, again, jsut very poor and very negative even if they started well League Table It was a five team breakaway, but Blyth have hit the rocks. So it's the three best teams in the league player wise (Salford, York and Harrogate) and the best team in the league period (Boston). Our good form is keeping us in touch but all four teams at the moment seem to be just winning constantly. Also kudos to Boston, they we're an playoff outsider and they're top. But now I feel less special about getting them promoted through a league win. Finances It's worse than it looks. Mainly because it's been helped by this: Somehow Harrogate vs Gateshead it deemed good enough for TV. Liniker and co are coming to Wetherby road, let's give them an upset