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  1. SmileFaceGamer

    My guide to hoofball

    For that Target Man, look for Tom Denton. I’m having a lot of success with him in a 424 as the TM-S due to him being 6ft7. Physicality is massive at this level, so he’d be a gem if Chesterfield don’t renew his contract (3.5* VNR Level)
  2. You won’t like my preferred 3331 then. Although I’ve struggled to get that working this year
  3. SmileFaceGamer

    [FM19] US Palermo – Looking For Stability

    Good luck surviving la pazzia
  4. SmileFaceGamer

    Help with 343 (Nottingham Forest)

    Yeah. One possible idea your post did give me was increasing the line of engagement so our players are further forward, especially if we win the ball in the Forward line.
  5. SmileFaceGamer

    Help with 343 (Nottingham Forest)

    In bold is the main issue. But I’ll take your idea on board. Only thing is we don’t have any raumdeuters so I’ll play a IF-A instead with PI’s. Thanks for the help Also I did win in the derby incase your wondering
  6. So I started a Nottingham Forest save to continue into the main game as the Beta seems not so bug filled. I had originally tried to impliment my way of playing (A quick passing 3313) but after that rather ambitious plan failed, i switched to a more sane 433. Same style of play, one that normally leads to goals at both ends led us on a run of poor preformances and scraped wins. So I looked at the squad report to see if the issue was the players. Short story, it was. They are neither suited or unsuited to my style. So after looking at the report, I saw we had good dribblers and technical players in generall, a lot of CB's, few strikers and good wide players. So I created a 343. Preformances have been mixed. We've not been great, but we've not been poor either. A win, a draw and a loss so far while using it. So what I ask is: where can I improve the system? The idea is to try and defend in a tight mid block, forcing teams to play over us to our fairly quick and decent in the air CB's (particularly Diagne) or play through us, where we press aggresively before looking to counter quickly through the wide spaces, trying to find space in the channels for either a cross or a shot. Wingers have been told to roam. Any help appreciated
  7. SmileFaceGamer

    [FM19] A Jewel From Edina

    Don’t worry about that, glad your enjoying the new game. This has been a quality read so far
  8. SmileFaceGamer

    My guide to hoofball

    Right. I am inspired. I’m having a few problems trying to get a stuttering Chesterfield rolling, so I guess I’m going to try some good old hoofball. A change from my normal Bielsaball style principles, but I’m not adverse to a long ball so why not give it a go as a side note, an opinion I hold of training and tactics for football: I belive that if your not spending at least 3/4 hour developing an effective long ball and even set piece tactic, you are missing out hugely. You can get such good chances from it and it can be hugely useful, especially when chasing a game in the last 5 mins or playing a gegenpressing team like liverpool
  9. Could be worse, at least your not making love to footballs... but desperate times call for desperate measures?
  10. SmileFaceGamer

    [FM19] A Jewel From Edina

    This is bloody brilliant, will be following with intrest. Good luck
  11. Wow... wow. A,axing work Makoto, also wtf Iran won the 100 years anniversary of West Ham becoming the first club team to win the World Cup
  12. SmileFaceGamer

    [FM18] Error 404: Title Not Found

    Time to quit while ahead?