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  1. Good point. Every few games we seem to just fall apart so that might be something to try. But we do still get that variety due to the fact I have 2 free roles (I’ve switched the CM-S to a BBM-S) who are the only ones that have the freedom to move about, but that movement gives a second and third edge to attacks, particularly when we’re in control of a match That’s a reason I chose Huddersfield. Because of the fact they play a very high press under Wagner, the players have good Work Rate, Determination and Agression. Quicker than you’d expect. When we win the ball the BBM is often the furthest forward midfielder so when we kick it long to the target man/men he’s there and can then give it to either Diakhaby or the nearest winger before continuing his run
  2. What’s I want the front two is to have one that can collect long clearances (Deportire and Mounie) and one who can latch on to the knock down as well as come deep when required to bring the wingers and midfield runners into the counter attack (Diakhaby and Quaner). Depoitre and Mounie are both 6’3” target men so suit the former role perfectly. Diakhaby is also superbly suited to the latter given he is quick and has good first touch, technique and OTB. He’s also 6’2” so can collect those long balls. His strength means his hold up play might not be great but that can Ben trained. So mabye a TM-A and CF-S?
  3. I’m trying to create a 442 block tactic similar to that of Dyche’s Burley with Huddesfield and I’m fairly confident with most of it. But I’m missing a good striker pairing. This might be a smaller issue than I think it is but I’m concerned that without the ‘right’ pairing up top we will really struggle to get goals. So far I’ve tried a DF-D/DLF-A and a P-A/DLF-S and while both have been okay, neither have filled me with masses of confidence that that is the long term solution. So I want to see wether it’s just an issue with the roles up top, or if I need to try something with my tactic which looks something like this: ———————DF(D)——DLF(A)——————— ——IW(S)———DLP(D)—-CM(S)———W(S)—— ——FB(S)———CD(D)——CD(D)———FB(S)—— mentality: Defensive Shape: Highly Structured TI’s: Play Much Narrower, Drop Much Deeper, More Direct Passing, Be More Disciplined any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance
  4. SmileFaceGamer

    Back in Britain - Part III of the Owain Williams saga

    The league is on its way... but so is Owain?
  5. SmileFaceGamer

    Club Legend

    Buffle’s... what a name. Where are they from because that was pretty emphatic... too emphatic
  6. SmileFaceGamer

    Back in Britain - Part III of the Owain Williams saga

    Watch the next match be a defeat
  7. SmileFaceGamer

    Club Legend

    True, and not sign wingers
  8. SmileFaceGamer

    When the GOAT of one sport tries his hand at another...

    Well,this looks like it’ll go well
  9. Thanks. So this should last until FM19?
  10. WE’RE POOR, AND WE KNOW WE ARE! Also how old are you in the game now? Considering you’re at 1,700 games
  11. SmileFaceGamer

    Club Legend - AS Pelican - Vote

    I think that for a club in Gabon to sustain that level of competitiveness in Africa, you’ve done incredibalhynwell and should Ben a ledgend
  12. SmileFaceGamer

    [FM17] From Humble Beginnings...

    I’m starting to wonder if this isn’t infact the Turkmen league but the English one, nah the gaps too large. Gotta be the Scottish league with Turkmen teams in right? Either way good luck and especially in your European Asian venture