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  1. Can we do it the 5th time, or will you just be sacked?
  2. God, I’d be losing it in a scenario like that... which I did when 5 teams when into the final day of the VNN season, including my Boston who had a 2 pt lead, with a shot at the title.
  3. Looks like the big man rose to the occasion then
  4. How good are stoke on this save? Or is this early April 1st and they’re just taking the p***
  5. Who’s intrest in Tyler Courtts, and how are Boston Town and United looking a few seasons on now
  6. That looks like a decent window, good luck with the title defence. Also who did you get and how far do you think you’ll go in the UCL
  7. SmileFaceGamer

    Back in Britain - Part III of the Owain Williams saga

    Logic would dictate that you have it better. Other than in Germany of course. The fixtures missed have to be played somewhere else after all
  8. SmileFaceGamer

    A Tale Of Two Clubs

    This looks quite intresting
  9. SmileFaceGamer

    From consulted to consulting: The journey of Elton Daniel-Smith

    Considering it’s at low level, I think it’ll go just fine “Elton, can I have a word” At that moment, I remembered something huge. In my flurry of accessing scouting files deep in my systems and offering trials to anyone who came to me, I’d forgotten to speak to the chairman. In fact the only ‘conversation’ I’d had with him was me asking how much room on the budget I had left. Tentatively, I opened the door ”Yes, and sorry about the lack of communication” ”Oh that, that’s normal for a new manager! I’d come to see how you thought it was going” ”Oh it’s been...” I’d been so focused it had barely registered if it was going well “good, I’d guess. Tactically it’s been a slight mess but that’s under control and I feel I’ve made good signings. And I think I’ve managed the buget really well” ”Well finances wise, you’ve done brilliantly and with regards to tactics, only time will tell. I don’t want to meddle too much, but what are you thinking? Tactics wise of course” ”Pretty simple. Attacking 442 with a midfield pivot around Ben Chapman. Balls either down the line to the wingers or up to the strikers. Oh and thanks for getting the Gillingham link done” ”Don’t mention it, anyway I’ve got to go now. Anyway, shouldn’t you be with your family?” ”Oh. Guess I’m a bit of a workaholic. Well thank you and goodbye.” As I walked out onto the York Street pitch to reflect, I realised what I had got myself into. I had one more ‘free’ weekend (training on Sunday) before a friendly on Monday. But after that, the work really began. I had used my knowlange of players at this level to make some, I hoped, decent signings. I was particularly excited about my two defensive additions, Cal Templeton and Luke Booker. Cal had impressed in pre season and looked defensively solid down the right and through the centre. Luke Booker, also a Centre Back, impressed me with his composure and ability on the ball just as much as he did defensively. With Finn O’mara also in on loan, it looked like doomsday for McGowan and Clifton. Another from affiliate club Gillingham was the afore mentioned Ben Chapman. He was, in my terms, a ‘battling technician’. Perfectly capable of winning the ball back and spraying a 60 yard cross field pass, he would make the perfect pivot alongside McGuire. I had also signed Brian Barry-Murphy, this time on a free from Gillingham. 40 years old, I intended him as a leader in a young dressing room and a coach for next season. In the meantime, he would be understudy to Ben. Pre season had gone alright, a battling 3-2 defeat to Mansfield the highlight, but yet, I somehow didn’t feel ready for what was about to hit me. I returned home to the smell of cake, but my 5 year old daughter quickly diverted me away from the deliciousness, consistently saying that it was a surprise whenever I asked. It felt sorry for my wife, who would probably have to put up with me being absent for portions of the year, especially with a child like ours. We sat down to unwind, but I felt like a knot, to tight to be picked apart easily. Luckily, I didn’t have any calls throughout the weekend, so I could enjoy the first downtime I’d had in a while. But, we all knew, even the neighbors cat could tell, I was petrified. If I seemed ok, then I was doing a damn good job of hiding my anxiety. Oh and incase your wondering. The cake has Boston United colours on with ‘Go Daddy’ plastered on top in black icing, and it was delicious. Note: the first season and parts of the second are me playing catch-up. There may well be gaps in the story and it may sometimes take time between me updating as I need to make progress/make sure I’m not going horrifically wrong.
  10. It’s quite similar to mine, except I’m on counter, have more and different instructions and play a target man... how on earth did I think the two were similar
  11. This is me, I’m Elton Daniel-Smith, a consultant scout for multiple teams, mainly non league. Born and bred Salfordian growing up supporting the local side, you could see why life would lead me to football. I would spend a youth career in the revered Manchester United youth teams, before being released at 16 to join, who else, Salford. Two seasons, and one crunching slide tackle later, my career as a footballer was over. I took a degree in Buisness and set up a small estate agency. But, as I watched games and helped coach youngsters, I couldn’t help but notice how many talented players would be overlooked. I started compiling reports on these players and sold them to clubs. Soon I would scower the local area for talent down the football pyramid, and compiled reports. I sold the old business, and set up an official scouting agency, even employing a couple of scouts. I had particularly strong ties with Salford, and helped Boston rebuild by providing cut price reports to the staff. I also took an intrest in coaching senior sides, and resumed progressing with my badges. After the class of 92 took over, my help was more rejected as they moved to a more professional approach. This ment one thing, move to the money. I uprooted the business to Boston and began working with the two Boston clubs, Gainsborough and Lincoln. But I longed for a coaching opportunity. That, however was soon to come. My phone was buzzing. It was a cold Monday, just after a dissipointing season ended for Boston. I assumed it was a scout, by this point I had 5, all covering areas across the country. But no, it was David Newton, chairman of Boston United. “What could he want” I thought to myself. I had no reports, but I picked up anyway: ”David, how’s things” ”good, annoyed though. Poor season and I doubt the core will be here next year” ”fair enough. I hope your not here for players, I haven’t got any reports and won’t have until at least Tuesday, although I have one lying around on a striker just about to be released” ”good, you’ll need it!” ”why?” This was puzzling. He didn’t seem to want scouting reports, so why did I need this one? ”We’ve got a problem.” He changed to a more serious and professional tone, “I’ve had to sack the manager” puzzled, I replied “why, Murray’s been alright” ”We’ve had a player mutiny, apparently it started on Thursday. They didn’t like his approach to things and they didn’t like the constant changes to his tactics.” Now it all made sense, did he news reports on managers? Anyway he continued, saying “I know you desire to start a management career” ”Go on,” I was beginning to get a little excited ”We’re not sure I feel we’ll get anyone any good on the salary they would want. So, how’s would you feel about beginning your career?” ”I’ll get to York Street immediately” and with that I hung up. My career was about to begin
  12. Good. I’m sure the Valencia fans would’ve been thrilled with bottling the title on the last day against a team 18 pts from safety though!
  13. Shame about town. I can see their ground out my bedroom window