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  1. I'm using a similar system, also with Ajax. Did you have injury and fitness issues going into early November or am I just crap at squad managment
  2. Guess they must *really* like Margate’s things
  3. If you do hang on, give Bradley Clayton and Johnny Margetts a look. Goals look like an issue
  4. And of course it begins in the league I know nothing about. Good luck with H&R, they did well last year if I remember, losing to Braintree on pens in the playoff final so should be a good squad
  5. Yeah, the sackings at this level tend to come around November-March so a lot to look forward to
  6. Good luck with the new save. I hope Boston sack their manager and you get that job, but any VNN/MNN team will do.
  7. 1st: take a break, the content won’t be as good if you’re not enjoying it 2nd: if you fail to rekindle your love for this save and start a new one on the forums, any chance of putting a link here?
  8. From one mid table epl manager to another: there isn’t much you can do vs the big teams. My best suggestion is that you make slight tweaks, like playing without ‘Play Out of Defense’ when you face a team that presses (which the big 6 do) and having a big lad who can try and collect the long balls (doesn’t have to be a TM, Ibrahimi in my save does this beautifully as a CF-A), and some pace in the team for the counter. Don’t change too much or it’ll become a foreign system, and try to have players who have a specific skill set that can be used in that kind of game. Basically be Mourinho but bett
  9. Blink and you’ll miss it. But then again that’s just how it works round here isn’t it
  10. Affiliate clubs are good for this. But if not, Tobias Hayles-Docherty, Ben Chapman and Finn O’Mara are all very good loans. Ben Close can occasionally be available for loan, but the only time I’ve seen that is with Chesterfield edit: forgot to add this is incredibley fun. I just hope you enjoy the team
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