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  1. I've played for a while with the new update and so far no crashes! I think you fixed it. Great work and merry christmas!
  2. Is this the "He surely didn't mean that!"? If so awesome.
  3. Just got another crash, no crash dump.
  4. @Felix Wilkie No problems found when i checked the disc with this method so i'm just going to assume its not that. Do people who report this problem all have SSD drives or is there another denominator? Thanks for trying to help Felix
  5. You won't be able to repeat the crash since restarting the game after CTD lets you play with no problem until you get another random crash
  6. only got this one but its the same bug, why didn't the others save? FM 2018 v18.1.3.1045020 (2017.11.25 02.53.09).dmp
  7. Ah so that's why my players are bald africans this FM. Thank you.
  8. regens are changing hair (mostly going bald) and race, restarting the game has a chance of fixing this however. Surely race roulette is not intended?
  9. I've done all of that already but none of that seems to help me, i'm still getting crashes.
  10. I'm getting these random crashes so its not a crash that i can predict, only that it has a chance of happening in the match engine, i've got no crash outside of it. 90 000 players loaded and playing without custom files doesn't help either. I hope you are working on a fix for this DxDiag.txt