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  1. York have, very belatedly, updated their youth team listing. The one in FM is (understandably) very different so there's no merit in running through every single one, but the player profiles are all here: https://www.yorkcityfootballclub.co.uk/team/under-19s-profiles
  2. The capacity of York's community stadium is showing as 8113, this is out-of-date as the capacity was increased back in August to 8,512: https://www.yorkpress.co.uk/news/17851232.york-39-s-new-community-stadium-set-399-extra-seats/ Stadium sponsor is LNER though I assume we're still not adding sponsor names: https://www.yorkpress.co.uk/news/18062020.new-stadium-york-named-lner-community-stadium/ It's expected the move date will be next month (probably the Hereford match mid-Feb), but still that's unconfirmed so probably best left as summer still. I'm pretty sure Peter Whinham is no longer at the club, he's not listed anywhere and was a Martin Gray appointment. Can't confirm that though.
  3. Sorry, but it's not wrong to say "they should focus on Y", that's how any project works. You have constraints on time and money so you have to prioritise. Quality is then your marker, and if something cannot be done well within your time/money available then it's best not to do it.
  4. Cheers. Actually out of museums at the moment, working in education the past four years. Less fun, more money! As for York City, I can barely believe the past few years. Never expected to be this low.
  5. Sound could undoubtedly improve but to use the OP's analogy it's less than 1% of what makes the game. You can play FM muted and lose basically nothing from the experience. So it's not worth the resource. Commentary is a terrible idea if you apply just five minutes logical thought. Impossible to execute to the requisite level, so it must be left well alone. I'm old enough to remember the game that did try it, and there's a reason it remains a one-off.
  6. There's a widely reported bug where people accept the invitations but still don't get put in the youth leagues. That'll be your problem.
  7. In my day, there was a difference here between 'I want' wishes, and more detailed discussion threads!
  8. As I haven't yet seen FM15, if it turns out this is all moot, I apologise. But I've been thinking about how we find staff, and the inherent frustrations. We can place job adverts, but we can't specialise. We can't say we want a defensive coach. We can't say we want someone who plays an attacking 352. The information is there in the profile, yet if we want to know we have to look at every applicant, open their profile, check, move on. The same applies to search. If this was hidden info I'd feel differently, but it isn't, and it would be good therefore to be able to utilise it in the search/advert. Or, failing that, make it hidden but give us the opportunity to 'interview' applicants. On a related point, I've been reading up on the different categories within the English Elite Player Performance Plan (because that's the sort of thing I do with my time). You can read the document* here: http://www.thefa.com/~/media/files/pdf/the-fa-2012-13/2012-13-rules/youth-development-rules.ashx There were a few things there that leapt out at me for FM futures. The first was the suggested academy management team. Now, while FM isn't going to get into youth group leads and Academy Secretaries, there are several names that would make sense: Academy Manager - Seems to be the equivalent of Head of Youth Development Head of Academy Recruitment - Takes the lead of developing your youth recruitment network Head of Academy Coaching - Responsible for managing the training I also like the ideas of posts like Performance Analyst, and Head of Sports Science. What leapt out at me, that I never feel in FM, is that sense of a 'team' running my academy. Maybe I'm an obsessive micro-manager, but I love the idea of appointing a trusted Academy Manager that shares my vision, and then allowing him a budget to build the right team (or, to take over and impose a team as per the preferences). If I look at the academy coaching page, I should only see non-Academy staff if they have specifically been appointed to joint roles (and, linked to that, there's no reason my Head of Academy Coaching couldn't also coach part-time with my seniors, as happens in real life). But to see my Academy there as an entity, not a disparate set of people working in little boxes. An academy, with an academy budget. That last point is crucial, I hate that the budget for the academy and it's staff is all wrapped in with the first team. That's just not how it works. The other thing that comes out there is that defined sense of levels, and how we meet them. At the moment, if I suggest we move up a category in FM, I have no real sense what that means. It would be good to have an academy facilities/staffing/budget page that sets out what the requirements are for the next level, how it would hit the budget, how close we currently are. Again, it adds to that sense that your academy is a real thing. Not just an afterthought, an off-shoot. It's own, sponsored, budgeted, staffed, thing. We could take it further, departments of the club and departmental budgets. Not caps on numbers of bodies, but caps on budgets. If I make that work across 5 coaches instead of three, or choose to have two top-quality coaches instead of three, that should be my choice. Anyway, that's all very English-centric, but that's my sphere of understanding. I'd welcome other thoughts, and really hope SI look into this. * Final note, and this really is aimed at SI, the document linked covers all the levels of compensation etc for academies, which I assume you've already got and built in?
  9. This is pretty realistic, sorry. No team guarantees a place, no matter how they intend to use them if they fail to earn their place they'll be dropped. The one thing I'd like to see is that in real life the proportion of wage a parent club covers is often dependent on playing time. That would be a smart addition in FM.
  10. I've been with the series since the start and had become so disillusioned with it that I largely stopped playing it, and resigned as both a tester and a researcher. That context is important when I say I have played and greatly enjoyed FM14. I've put more time into it than the last four or five iterations combined. It's still in need of a lot of work, but it's a lovely game that has pretty much had me fall in love with it again.
  11. Had a striker come through at my York side end of the first season. He's gone on to break the record for England's top international scorer, broken the record for most goals in a Premier League, most goals in a Champions League campaign, most goals in both CL and PL match. Also, because I turned down as much as £40m for him, he's done all this while spearheading York's rise to an established PL side. And broken every goalscoring record at the club too. Can't remember what he was worth when he came through. But I knew it was a gift!
  12. The problem with a lot of the stuff people want (international youth camps etc) is that it's technically against FIFA regulations. Clubs exploit all sorts of loopholes, but in principle SI can't add it just because it seems fun. So as good as it sounds, it wouldn't actually be so realistic. You also get into further issues the younger you go with regional variations in approaches across local associations. In England for example, the 'one intake a year' is actually reflective of reality. Not so in all countries. SI already have to botch it a little bit (rightly) to have a working system across the game. The more levels you add, that problem grows exponentially. I'd go for having an active U16 side as opposed to the annual 'new batch of graduates', I think it would be good to have that tracking of potential scholars over a year. But anything more than that would be hideously unworkable in terms of the size of database you'd be running.
  13. I think the problem is you want instant success, and because of that you are reloading matches till you fluke wins, all of which means you never actually learn. The reality is, while you talk of time you don't have, if you spent the replay time on playing the game straight you'd probably be better at it. Plus success would feel more rewarding. It took me 6 seasons to get York to the premier league, largely using a progressively tweaked variant of the same tactic. Not researching and changing every match, just understanding what was what. And I'm certainly not one of the great players of the game. It then took a further 6 years to turn York into a top side. But 12 seasons on the sense of reward I have as I close on a PL/CL double is amazing. This has been the most I've enjoyed a game of FM in years. You don't need difficulty levels. You just need to either moderate your challenge, or invest that little bit of time learning from your mistakes.
  14. In another thread you are talking about having taken York City to the Premier League. My question is, how easy do you want it to be?
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