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  1. I did to be honest but i didn't pay much attention to it to be honest. Nothing against you (obviously as i'm causing havoc through the lower leagues with your tactic! Lol) just for this years edition im slowly trying to delve myself in to it deeper. Just learning more about each part of the game, tactics i've always struggled with the most so i'll be leaving that till last at the moment haha. Pace and acceleration, purely to create the space by stretching the opponent back, seems to work a treat alongside this tactic
  2. It's been more tempting to tinker finances, since changing from amateur to semi-pro were losing more money each month due to now actually paying wages! On the players side of things at this level, i've only been looking for 2 attributes per position, I'm sure you can guess what i've been looking for in my forwards. Having only one country loaded at a time should hopefully stop the temptation of the big names. I've always wanted to do a bottom to top from the regional leagues but never had the patience to follow through with it. This year seems to be different. I'm playing the game so basically
  3. I am yeah, just about to start the first league match of season 3
  4. I've tried on FM15 and made it through to the professional leagues! I play football at Corinthian every Friday so the challenge to get this little village club to the champions league was too much to not try! I'll keep you updated with how the tactic goes along the way
  5. I can't remember where i downloaded it from now found it on release day, I think it was sortitoutsi, i've uploaded it if that is allowed. There's no Vase or FA cup extra qualy rounds for level 8/9 its just league. English L9 Lower League & Data Updates.fmf
  6. CM 01/02 level of fun! 2nd championship in a row. Bring on level 7!
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