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  1. I am interested, especially in the faces of the players, when will the graphics be finished? thank you.
  2. Will you activate all the leagues in the world? Thank you very much for your work
  3. Hello Which skin is it? How have you gotten it to appear? Aside from a question for everyone, it's about the file for Japan's FM18, how can I make the FM18 Japan file not take so long to load at startup?
  4. Will you create all the competitions of the African countries? Wishing to have all the countries of the world playable, great work.
  5. I had problems with crash dumps, on january 6th of 2018, choosing all the categories of the divisions of Japan, do you know any solution to this issue?
  6. Does the Japanese database work correctly or can it have an error during the game? Is everthing its ok?
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