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  1. Denchy is back... does that mean beta will be released tonight yeah ?
  2. Can some MOD just tell us "not tonight" so i can stop looking for beta related internet posts
  3. Unless they are enjoying playing us like a flute why we all refresh a post where we definitely won’t be notified ha
  4. Haha SI won’t tell us it’s not tonight as they are having too much fun reading this!
  5. Sick of seeing this type of post we all know it will be ready when its ready - just wanted to guage what time previous versions of BETA released - we are all happy to speculate
  6. I was trying to guage the time it actually got released on previous BETA's It looks like its always been released after 5pm - fingers,toes and legs crossed ha
  7. Hoping to god it gets released tonight... i have a good feeling what about you? Does anyone recall what time on average does the BETA get released on those BETA release days?
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