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    modern day football stretches beyond just under 18 and under 21 teams there isnt enough emphasis and progress in developing young players through the very poor mentoring system it dosent specify certain individual training either for players tackling why cant you improve tackling as an individual trait? bigger point being to prolong a single save why cant where its applicable to include youth teams beyond that of the under 18's like under 16's 15's 14's 13's and use real player squads that way 7 seasons down the line theres less regens coming through and more actual players in the game who do play for respected clubs i like long terms saves and it beyond bores me when the game is over ran by fake players i get the point of it and its a system thats always been there but still for the first 10-15 seasons of a game you could still operate with normal squads and make a database option where u can select more youth squads on start up.
  2. the hard drive in the laptop is completley fried i just auto save my game per onth as a single file but now i think its lost which im pure gutted about if there is a cloud option through the game football manager dosent exactly make it very clear that you can do so which dosent help
  3. so basically ive a nice liverpool save problem is my other laptop packed in hard drive fried no way of retrieving the save got a new laptop and am itching to get it back didnt back anything up as i didnt expect the laptop to pack in is the save gone then?
  4. people have been having this problem since launch surely theres enough information collected to resolve an issue that hsould never be an issue in the first place you realise people besides myself are getting beyond fed up with the franchise due to glitches and game breaking bugs
  5. neil u have already seen my dxdiag theres nothing belarc will tell you any different i fail to see at all how this is gonna help with a game thats been faulty from release if people months down the line are still getting it after following every step to your troubleshooting and there game is compatible then it shows te fault lies with the development of the game
  6. my graphics are fine but just to obviously add to the string of pointless troubleshooting i tried it on low also no windsows defender active or virus software running
  7. this is the point im making no im not using custom graphics but even at that the games realism and authenticity comes from the ability to have graphics like badges and pictures without it its like a beta but in saying that the game runs like one for the 4th time today i get a staging error its utterly infuriating and my laptop is more than capable to run the game shame the game itself is in capable of running properly i would go as far as to say i want a refund because this is clearly not working newww.txt theres is the dxdiag not that it even matters
  8. i see the crash an errors section of the forum absolutely littered with fans of the series like myself infuriated of how unplayable the game is becoming the crashes and glitches are becoming so awful the game cannot run properly people everywhere are saying they are getting fed up even trying to play the game again like myself sigames transparency with the player base would be much appreciated instead of fobbing us off with little in the way of actual real fixes and not suggesting we delete the game clear cache bollockss etc
  9. relevant details are pretty much every single other persons relevance in detailing the problem the game either freezes in warm ups before or after the game regardless of graphical settings software and anything else i fail to see how sigames cannot explore a problem like this fully in testing and still release a game when its evident that the problem hasnt been fixed you have not addressed this with any kind of patch and instead people are being fobbed off with troubleshooting thats pretty terrible
  10. so per usual staging errors are absolutely ruining my enthusiasm for this game and si community whilst i appreciate that they respond there responses rival that of a call centre who simply dosent care example " have u got it plugged in " i have seen disable graphics i have seen disable antivirus (that one made me laugh) a development team basically saying try making your computer more vulnerable by turning off anti virus then u might get to play our game i fail to see why sigames cant come out listen we f***ed up were gonna try fix this no one cares about the match engine ever since you have put it in you have limited people to your game not everyone can afford to upgrade there computers to match ur ever growing mess of new engine updates how about explain to us why in a nutsehll these crashes a actually happen and stop asking for specs the website is littered with people having these problems we know our limits to what we can play ive 8gb i7 processor wibdows 64 bit none of that matters if a game is poorly made below is my previous football managers im annoyed that this football manager wont even see a quarter of that this years version has been a resounding fail
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