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  1. modern day football stretches beyond just under 18 and under 21 teams there isnt enough emphasis and progress in developing young players through the very poor mentoring system it dosent specify certain individual training either for players tackling why cant you improve tackling as an individual trait? bigger point being to prolong a single save why cant where its applicable to include youth teams beyond that of the under 18's like under 16's 15's 14's 13's and use real player squads that way 7 seasons down the line theres less regens coming through and more actual players in the
  2. i see the crash an errors section of the forum absolutely littered with fans of the series like myself infuriated of how unplayable the game is becoming the crashes and glitches are becoming so awful the game cannot run properly people everywhere are saying they are getting fed up even trying to play the game again like myself sigames transparency with the player base would be much appreciated instead of fobbing us off with little in the way of actual real fixes and not suggesting we delete the game clear cache bollockss etc
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