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  1. I have the 3-6 kit files installed, but some are not appearing such as all Gwynedd League
  2. 4-5-1 PILGRAMAGE WOW! League 1 Rochdale. Played 14 unbeaten, featuring a 5-0 Away win at Sunderland and a 7-0 home win at Bristol
  3. Any Particular ones or are they all the same 424/442 etc ? Thanks
  4. @knapOk is there a thread that contains all of them? I don't know where to start ha I seen a list somewhere where you ranked them?
  5. @knap which are the latest ones you suggest looking at? In terms of which ones your finding are working best?
  6. Thanks, I have gone with a 4-3-1-2 to begin with, more of one where they had shevchenko/inzaghi etc, but may introduce this as a second one. Did you use any specific PI? Also I would thought CAFU was more attacking?
  7. I’ve decided to try a 4-3-1-2 to begin with I’ve gone GK FB (A) CD (D) CD (D) FB (A) Carrilero DLP (D) Carrilero AP (A) DLF (S) AF (A)
  8. Hi, Thanks for the tips I am looking at playing a positive possession game, but slightly more direct. I put down the middle as that where we will have most of the ball Thanks
  9. Ramdon question What tool do you use to mark the positions?
  10. Looking at something similar to try like a milan-esque one. I would say CM(D) cover the wings better than a Carrilero I would go
  11. Hi AllPlanning my next save after my German domination with Kaiserslautern Looking for some inspiration and ideas to help develop an ac Milan tactic for use with a lower league Serie A teamAny help out there?Initial thoughts are 4-3-2-1 (SEE PIC) Thought about Carrilero for CM (D) but I don't think they can cover as well as CM (D), will give these some Carrilero instructions though? Feedback welcome TI probably be IN POSSESION IN TRANSITION OUT OF POSSESSION Control Counter Get stuck in Play narrow Counter Press Urgent pressing Focus through middle Distribute to Playmaker Narrow def width Overlap Left/Righ Short Kicks Slightly lower def line Hit early crosses Normal line of engagement More Disciplined Tight Marking Normal tempo Slightly direct passing Whipped crosses
  12. I am looking at implementing this is 2019, I thought carrilero was the best role, but they do not cover for the WB going forward, I would use CM D (With some carrilero instructions)
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