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  1. Is anyone else waiting for the editor on full release before starting their save? The data is excellent overall this year, but I will make a few tweaks of stuff that would otherwise do my head in: Petr Cech vs Bernd Leno In the beta Cech is better with his feet than Leno. Cech looks about right on comparison to the rest of the league, so I will boast Leno's first touch and passing to the 12-13 range. Sokratis Pace (18) vs Heading (12) I'm just not having it! I'll drop the pace to 17 and raise the heading to 14. What tweaks to the data will you be making?
  2. These are truly horrific, SI should be embarrassed.
  3. I'm tempted to try a magic square. Something like this?
  4. The arbitrary decision not to include him is disappointing.
  5. I’d be interested to understand the thought process behind using silhouettes to represent the faces on non-licenced players. I understand licensing issues but am baffled by the fact that you deliberately put a blank space in the game were content is missing? Why not use generic faces, (like you do with logos) or just leave them out completely? Random regen (not a good one!): Or just blank:
  6. Boring repetitive chore with no positive benefit to gameplay. There is simply no need for it. It would be so much better if you were only asked to respond to a few key questions in a season, and each had a massive impact.
  7. Hey guys, how do I send my coaches on a coaching course to improve licences?
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