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  1. Hi Knap. Can you please make an updated version of !!!!!FM20.4.0TequilasunriseknaplassMEZ41311P101ALLCUPS. Much thanks
  2. Great work as always Knap. The number of different tactics is a little overwhelming though. Is there a specific tactic you would recommend for Spurs?
  3. Hi Knap, what would you say is the best tactic for Tottenham?
  4. Hey man. Which tactic is this here? Can you please send the link or attach the file
  5. Hi Knap. Been away for a bit. What are currently the best 4-4-2 and 4-2-3-1 tactics for a top side like Arsenal?
  6. Hi Knap, for a team like Spurs do you recommend having an away tactic ? If so, which one(s) do you recommend? Also, which SUS tactic(s) do you recommend?
  7. Hi there guys. Whoever is using Tottenham, what formation are you finding success with? Also, where do you play Dele Alli?
  8. Hi Knap, are all these tactics updated for 19.3.5? Even the ones labeled 19.3.4?
  9. Knap, what do you suggest to do if you get a red card using the 4-2-4 formation?
  10. Knap you have broken the game with the 4-2-4 (112 points ) tactic. Hats off to you man
  11. Hi Knap, which is the Beowulf updated tactic you recently posted about on fm-base? I would like to use that one. Thanks
  12. yes. which tactic gave you best results with arsenal ?
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