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  1. FM21.5DARKSIDEOFTHEMOONKnapP107ALLCUPSSalahgoals78.fmf is a crazy tactic. Thank you Knap!
  2. Hi Knap, are there any PPMs you think go well with the different positions in your tactics?
  3. Good stuff mate! Just wondering, do you do anything different for away games?
  4. Thanks mate! Do you use OI and do anything differently for away/ big games?
  5. My guy, all you had to do was avoid my post if you had no constructive input
  6. Hi Knap. Can you please make an updated version of !!!!!FM20.4.0TequilasunriseknaplassMEZ41311P101ALLCUPS. Much thanks
  7. Great work as always Knap. The number of different tactics is a little overwhelming though. Is there a specific tactic you would recommend for Spurs?
  8. Hey man. Which tactic is this here? Can you please send the link or attach the file
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