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  1. I read this thread yesterday and seeing as the content in the thread is based on football manager 2013, it raised a few questions. The thread in question: Now we all enjoy splashing the cash and signing big name players and most regular players of football manager don't understand the importance the hidden attributes play in the moulding of young talent for the first team - whether that be the staff member or the player - see from what I've read personalities can reveal what their hidden attributes might actually be. I would value these personalities; Model citizen Resolut
  2. Nice write up, cheers for testing the system and giving me something to think about. That said, I wonder where you set LOE (line of engagement)? If I remember correctly there are 4 options, "maximum", "standard", "lower" and "much lower" - correct? Obviously if you want to compact the 4-2-2-2 as much as possible a LOE that is set to "much lower" would be the best option. I'm guessing but yeah, did you set the LOE at just "lower" or "much lower? Also did you play with a high line or just a standard low block? I'm curious. I understand that your LOE (line of engagement) and DL (defensive l
  3. I thought the same but it's actually having the 2 players in the half spaces that gives this system dynamism.
  4. At first I thought about just lining up on the tactics board as just a 4-4-2, probably would really matter much but there is one very good reason you pointed out "I wouldn't need to have my LOE so god damn low. Right now I have no choice but set the LOE very low, this way it makes my attacking midfielders drop in and make it flat 4 man midfield, if I drop the attacking wide midfielders into lining up as "wide play makers" and set the LOE at standard... it would mean those attacking midfielders are still exploited the half spaces but can press from their default position as WP stationed in a 4-
  5. I didn't explain what I meant, by attacking playmakers - it's just in my setup I make sure the highly creative players who drift around are positioned as wide attacking midfielders with the freedom to roam and interchange with the other attacking players - rather than in the traditional number 10 role, see I like players who could be seen as a traditional playmaker (number 10's) but your right tho, the only player maker would be my deep lying midfielder. Setting them as Advanced playmakers might work but Inside forward instruction are more suited tho, that said I'll look into that possible ch
  6. It's just gone September and we are sitting in 3rd position in the league, but more importantly we just beat Real Madrid 4-0. After rewatching the game, I decided to take a few screen shot of how my player position themselves within the system. This shows that without possession, the team is lining up in a verycompact 4-4-2 This screen shot is taken during a more attacking phase of the game. The defensive block is in dark green, the attacking midfielders drifting in and out central areas are blue, the fullbacks cyan and the two forward in dark red.
  7. Okay I want to recreate Villarreal's 4-2-2-2 that turned into a 4-4-2 when they lost possession of the ball. Similar to the way Simeone gets Atletico Madrid operating in a compact, high pressing 4-4-2. I want both attacking play makers to drift inside for the spaces between their central mids and wingers (when we got the ball) But then slot into the wide midfielder role within a very compact and hard to break down 4-4-2. My thinking is the only the way to have the attacking midfielder roaming around the pitch and interchanging with each other and the forwards, is to positio
  8. Chilean coach Manuel Pellegrini employs a 4-2-2-2 system that grants his attacking players the freedom to roam anywhere in the attacking third, something the ex-Milan midfielder favors. "I love the 4-2-2-2 formation of Pellegrini because the players have the freedom of getting around where ever we want. When we have the ball at our feet the coach gives us the freedom to move and that is very positive for everyone," Kaka explained. Currently I'm in the process of a Villarreal CF save, I'm currently half way through the season and am enjoying very much - the plan to get them playing in the
  9. Ok I'm trying recreate an Athetico Madrid type system, a very robust compact type 4-4-2 that is quite defensive. So the question if you want to create a very compact 4-4-2, which very much do want that... could I make the formation very compact by setting the Line Of Engagement is much lower and the Defensive Line to be high relative to standard? Or should I not use some roles and instead use others? Like us the DLF instead of a complete forward (CF), if the latter will look to play further up the pitch, regardless of the setting that the Line Of Engagement is going off.. when weighing up
  10. Sure I'll check them out but what I'm planning on doing is a Villarreal CF save, getting domestic and CL success. But it's very important that we play the same formation and style as the 2005/2008 Villarreal team did manage to play for a few years. So that was the story side of it.
  11. Villarreal's first goal against Atletico illustrating the flexibility of the front-four. When it comes to the success that Villarreal enjoyed under Manual Pellegrini, the partnership that Brazilian Nilmar and the Italian-American Giuseppe Rossi continued to be one of the most dangerous in Spain. The two have scored eleven of Villarreal’s nineteen goals and Rossi has shown ruthless finishing that was once missing; Nilmar, as well as scoring five goals, is joint third in the assist rankings up to this points. The attacking midfielders, also known
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