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  1. Hi @geordie1981. Renato dall'Ara stadium from Bologna fc update photo
  2. marco molla from Bologna fc, is italian as first nationality, and albanian as second.
  3. no my game save. ok. The version is stable now without skin e no fake. Thank you.
  4. Where is my game? With these instructions Did i lose my game? oh my god!!
  5. yes, now i made these three steps. Can i reload my game with logos e nofake files?
  6. the folder Caches is empty. ah no, I find that.
  7. Before this update the game was perfect. Never it crashed. After this update, i can't play this game. Crash after Crash. Now I can't start a new game too.
  8. For me this is very simple. Almost all manager have a favorite assistant coach or members staff, that they bring with them always. In FM, when new IA manager hired, this manager must to bring his favorite staff in his new experience, if the assistant coach is free. Example in italy Roberto Donadoni with Luca Gotti, Davide Ballardini with Carlo Regno.
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