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  1. Hi, 3-5-2 is setted as first scheme. It doesnt depend from us. Sorry. Napoli has got a global Ca higher than Lazio. As Roma has same CA like Lazio.
  2. Ho notato che i valori di valutazione dei giocatori sono bassi. Boga è andato in Inghilterra per 15 M, Orsolini venduto per 16 M in Italia.
  3. Dennis Wise(2005993) scout from Como Fc, is setted as prefered job like manager same scout. He didnt manage a team from 2008. In my game, he became the manager of Ravenna. I think that this thing is unrealistic. Then his CA, as manager, is too much powerfull. Please downgrade his preference as manager o assistant manager. Thank you.
  4. no Sinisa Tanjga, son of Miroslav Tanjga. Maybe he will be upload in the official release.
  5. the release clause was expired 3 october https://www.calciolecce.it/2020/09/14/mancosu-il-lecce-la-clausola-il-monza-e-le-sorprese/
  6. Hi @SoloTitano, The shirt from Modena FC, ingame is too much yellow lime, in the real is a normal yellow. Palermo is too much white. GRRRR kit creator: Colors don't match between color from fm and color from database. Mario Rabiu from Modena FC must to be more dark as skin. Schouten from Bologna FC hair colour too much yellow lime, he's almost red. There are many injuries missing. Why?
  7. Hi @geordie1981. Renato dall'Ara stadium from Bologna fc update photo
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