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  1. Major bit of pedantry here, but just saw the "scored his first goal for the club" message pop up for Matty Kennedy at Aberdeen during a game. Checked his stats post-match and it shows that as his only goal, but he scored in the cup replay against Kilmarnock last season. I see the 19-20 Scottish Cup seems to have been wiped from the record in-game though, is that why his goal vanished?
  2. The points value for trophies are weighted according to the competition, so winning the league in a "lesser" country won't be as valuable as doing so in a "big" country. All of Pep's trophies have been won in big leagues (Spain, Germany, England) or European competitions, so each counts for quite a lot. As much as it pains me to say it (what with being a supporter of them), Sir Alex's early trophies were won with Aberdeen in Scotland and so count for less. Edit: He also won one with St Mirren that I keep forgetting about
  3. I've had a few over the years, most recently in my last save in FM18. I was doing well with Everton but fancied a change, so applied for the Juventus job when it came up. I didn't even last a season there - I tried to make too many changes to an ageing team too quickly, and they really struggled to gel. I was sacked in March with the team 7th in the league and having been knocked out of the EL in the last 16 (the board weren't happy at dropping out of the CL, but at least understood that getting utterly thumped by Real Madrid in the process wasn't totally unexpected). I've found over the
  4. A couple of FMs ago (possibly 15?) I had taken Peterhead into the Scottish Championship and was trying to gear up for a promotion push by signing players released from Premiership clubs. I ended up with three Scott Browns in my team: the one who starts FM18 at Peterhead anyway, the Celtic one and the ex-Aberdeen keeper. It was weird seeing the commentary telling me about Scott Brown taking a goal kick, header won by Scott Brown and nodded on to Scott Brown...
  5. Australia in this save. I've had one where it went to Argentina and one in China (although that one may have been FM17).
  6. I'm in early 2024 in my current save and he's been back to Barca twice (went back, left for Arsenal, went back again) although he's currently "very insecure" with them 5th in the league and 3rd in their CL group. Vieira replaced him at Arsenal after taking over from Sean Dyche at Burnley, which followed a season at Celtic. Sean Dyche got the England job, and proved that the whole thing is just a game really by winning the 2022 World Cup...
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