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  1. If your second team is playing in the league below the lowest playable league it can promote and be playable, if not, the only way to get the team up is by pre game editor which would require a new save to take effect
  2. You have to edit the nation itself, the option to decrease/increase uefa spots should be the 3 uefa coefficient options
  3. Editor related stuff goes in editor hideaway forum You edit those in the nation tab not sure exactly where is im not on a pc right now
  4. This goes in the editor hideaway forum You can edit it by changing the rules to advanced
  5. I did reported this back in fm17, never got an explanation but the only thing that my mind can make for it is a Harry Kane situation where player was in U12 or something with united, was turned down and tottenham picked him up still, right now in the same save it keeps happening randomly with this youth going to teams with lower reputation like west ham or southampton
  6. So i run the tipical 2 per position 22 man squad plus 3 youth/decent players After starting a new season and players from loan started to return i noticed that 2 forwards (one of them of my academy) developed nicely to deserve first team football, since i already got 2 world class forwards one of then has to go play to aml or amr but this positions also have 2 players, funny thing is, i was gonna get rid of my first option since 2 or 3 seasons ago but the guy just keeps improving even past at 27 and having the near max potential on scout report now i have 2 world class players in all my 3 positions and 2 players waiting for their chance, i need some guidance on this as all but one of those 6 players is 30 so there is kinda no way for my to get rid of this players without messing around with dinamics and stuff since 5 out of those are influential and the 6th one is a academy player that will replace the 30 yo guy
  7. Most teams get their budget after confirming participation in champions/Europe or not some wait for FA cup or league to end best window to sell is the summer one, as teams have thier full budget available, but as yolixeya said, is better to wait for offers as offering the players yourself will not net you profit unless the player is too good for his actual value I see your situation is getting rid of dead wood, offering them at the start of the window is the best u can do but don't be surprised to get offers below the player's value, if u don't get offers lower how much u want until a team makes an offer after that u decide if negotiate for a lil more or accept as it is
  8. For most leagues is # of teams x 2 -2 so a league with 20 will play 38, a league with 18 will play 34, a league with 24 will play 46 some leagues like the scottish premiership play # of teams x 3 and then it splits and plays 5 more games, the rule tab of each league should say how many games do you play a season
  9. Basically win all champions leagues equivalent from all continental federations with a single manager As for a database, i think only classen really made those, never saw any other database like that, you could just go back to fm18 if u wanna do that challenge, it will take quite some time anyway (unless u want to make it the easy way starting in europe)
  10. As i said, it affects it but not much, reaching championship makes it a lil harder but not by much, i spent 4 seasons in championship (promoted as champion) and took 4 seasons reach a european competition, all of this with a hard brexit, it only delays success by a season at most and mess a lil with your available pool of players
  11. Ukraine has a very good youth score, so if u invest in youth facilities and coaching u can get some nice regens that can be the next shevchenko, those kinda rules are made exactly for that, to let youth growth if not, by now most eastern europe team would be full of south americans
  12. Thats basically the way to go, just be ob the look out to rotate so the 2nd xi guys won't be unhappy, with this system only one on my fullbacks whines for playing time a season and normally the "x is playing too good to be replaced, be prepared when he drops performance" option works like a charm if the guy is in a "im out of here, like it or not" situation just sell him and look for replacement, unless the player is a 180+ CA it can be replaced without problem
  13. 1. Read the report from your coaches for the players getting the red cards: do they have "competitive streak" feature? If the answer is yes then there is the reason for a constant red card 2. Chill out, a team from conference/national league RARELY gets past round 3 even less possible against a former premier/championship team 3. If u put pressure on your squad saying "we can win" im sure the players will tackle harder due to frustration while being owned by a far superior oponent In short don't drown in a glass of water man, did you lose 0-10, thats the way it is, just turn the page over and don't try the almost imposible
  14. First of all and most importantly: brexit doesn't affect llm much, it only really affects championship sides (the good way), some league 1 teams (also the good way) and the premier (good/bad depending on outcome) Second: llm that gets affected actually benefits as work permits in most common outcomes are wage based so is easy to get foreigns a wp And for last: this is kinda real, brexit has to affect football sooner or later, don't think that guardiola or klopp will just say "screw this" and press a reset buttom or just go to another league (this last one is possible, but it really gonna depend on how much rebuild they'll have to do with thier squads), managers will have to adapt, like it or not, first time i got a hard brexit i was kinda pissed since it got me by surprise and that save ia still active for me being my most succesful save, don't just think that a simple rule change will destroy your save, give that new rule set at least a season or two, it could very well make the game a lil bit more interesting, on top of that, who knows if before brexit actually affects football we get some silly new rule where teams have to role 4 homegrown in starting XI to help the national team to develop talent? Will that ruin FM even if thats what the real deal in that hipotetic future? I always ask myself that anytime someone's save gets "ruined" by brexit.
  15. Youth intake players asking for that much is kinda of exploit countermeasure, as players don't sign contracts right away after they are generated (they need more or less a week) human player can exploit this and get the best youth in the world with "no effort" so "wasting" 150k/pw of budget for 5 youngsters would back slash a bit if tight in wage budget only thing i'd worry is the player not developing and wasting all that wage a lil gain when reselling them (their original team get a % of next transfer so even less) if by any chance the player is already scouted or is a sure world class potential (4 yellow stars of potential and a black one) it is worth it the penalty of paying 30k a week for them As for me, i never do this, i do scout newly generated players, and sign ONLY if the player is in lower/low reputation leagues which is rare and realistic
  16. Finances on its own don't really matter, its like getting a new credit card, you get funds, but you don't have money to pay the credit, just be below the budgets and your job is secured, president of the team will either add some funds from his pocket or sell the team
  17. Decisions itself not, but i guess it can motivate/angry your players more depending on the situation, i guess it can also intimidate the referee or if it was a bad call it will make the same bad call for the other team if it happens, at least thats the application of that irl, idk if all of that apply to in game or just a way of simulating the times when referees book 3 or 4 during a heated up discution in the middle of the game
  18. Well its kind of doable, my highest wage in the first time i tried to get a team from conference to premier when i got to champions league final was 180k/w it wasn't even a first team regular, was more of first choise rotation for my aml, amr and striker my first teamer with highest wage was a center back at 135k so its doable, problem being what to do with players wanting new contracts
  19. Perhaps a situational bug, so many games, so many variables it could happen, maybe u played a replay that forced you to play that game on that date
  20. Were the games friendlies? You can request the players to not go to those if they are not official games
  21. A lot of things it really depends of what kind of link you have with that team, you can use for work permits, for marketing purposes, for youth intake purposes, for loaning I normally use then to get youth, i like japanese and hispanic names so seeing one or two in my intakes brings me a smile You can get a link in the league below for "homegrown" purposes you sign a 16 year old wonderkid, you loan him to that feeder club for 3 years, and you now have that striker with 19 years, is a homegrown for the nation and developed quite a bit
  22. Plot twist for vaduz: it can't go to champions league via league so only way of qualifying to it its the europa league, on top of that elimination in champions league at any level will result in top players wanting to leave because they want to play champions league As to teams that should be rich i guess any scandinavian capital will do as that region is rather rich on its own Arabic nations are a place for that too, a lot of people with money there, Tokyo would be a good pick too U could try to make Caracas or Zulia in venezuela as those are their biggest cities and those where were the oil wealth in venezuela once was, there are a lot of teams in Rio for brazil too, maybe buenos aires
  23. Well, the game is rather vague as to how that work, heck i have never knew who pays the transportation of a player once is getting a transfer to another team, im guessing the buying team, but trials for people abroad are 0 or almost 0 the only one i have read about was the history of how messi got to la macia, and even then in FM standards he was in a youth intake
  24. That could be a way to attract a lil more of people to the game, problem is that after playing 3 or 4 games with the same liverpool vs tottenham or man u vs man c it gets old, FM works on a league structure with transfers and tactics in the middle, u could say "use the team from one of your saves" who can stop someone from putting 18 players with 200 CA on a team with the editor? I get bored of fifa/pes after 3 or 4 friendlies with my friends, even if they are as good as me playing i enjoy more the day to day of a manager and i guess more than half of player base is the same be it on the tactic side or the DoF side or both
  25. Im aware that top flight of northern ireland is as low as 6th tier in england so i'd say it would equal to 10-12th tier more or less? Maybe looking at the database in pre game editor for looking at rep will net a better understanding of how low the game can get?
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