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  1. This is a shame because the online game is much more fun, despite all the crashes and such.
  2. Hello, I must say, it's quite disappointing that nothing has been replied to here. To anyone considering purchasing EHM, know it is a great game in many respects, but also that Sports Interactive has all but abandoned the game. If you think about it...those of us who play in an online league that requires daily participation should be the biggest supporters of the game. Hell...we actively recruit people to join. Yet we get no tech support, no response, nothing. It's just brutal. I get that soccer is more popular but if you are selling a product you should support it too. Thanks
  3. Hello, I play in a 30 GM EHM league, and while its great fun, there are also some bugs that make managing and participating in the league quite annoying at time. Here are some of the common issues, roughly in order of their importance: 1) After the game crashes, it is time consuming to bring it back up because you have to login as every team. There's just a lot of clicking to do...way too much. This is a big pain in the butt. 2) If multiple GMs are scouting on the draft screen at the same time, then they'll start being sent to the wrong pages, and if they keep scou
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