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  1. Hello, I play in a 30 GM EHM league, and while its great fun, there are also some bugs that make managing and participating in the league quite annoying at time. Here are some of the common issues, roughly in order of their importance: 1) After the game crashes, it is time consuming to bring it back up because you have to login as every team. There's just a lot of clicking to do...way too much. This is a big pain in the butt. 2) If multiple GMs are scouting on the draft screen at the same time, then they'll start being sent to the wrong pages, and if they keep scouting the game will crash. This is a hassle especially around draft time. 3) People timing out. If someone loses their wifi connection for a minute or whatever, they get timed out and stuck in the game and can't login again. It prevents saving sometimes too. 4) Random crashes upon save attempt. Not sure what causes these, but sometimes the game will crash just as you are trying to save it. 5) We've had the game crash a couple times due to exhibition games being scheduled in the off season. 6) Offering too many tryouts in the summer. If you have a lot of prospects, and offer them all tryouts during the off season, then the game will crash if you try to visit your practice screen. Not sure the exact number but it seems to only impact teams with a lot of prospects. Thanks for your hardwork. If these issues were fixed (especially #1/#2/#3/#4) it would vastly improve the multiplayer experience for EHM. We have tons of save files I can share with you and remote access for the server so PM me if you need any of that.