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  1. Sorry to hear that Heath, always horrible when dogs die. I remember my last dog; we had taken her in from a shelter as she hadn't been properly looked after and was in a bad way, eventually managed to nurse her back to health and she died aged 17! At least you gave her 6 good years from when you found her
  2. I think its that he's just about to join AZ in the news page, and then he requests to be taken off the transfer list EDIT: Ah I thought you were talking about PhroX's one, sorry
  3. Thanks Yeah I was planning on getting in a DC, but I'm still not sure what formation to use, thinking of playing Lisandro as a lone forward, but I want to be able to use Pjanic in AMC as well
  4. right I'm watching the Lyon game now on TV, and I'm gonna start a game with them, any tips on signings or formations? or player instructions? Thanks, I appreciate the help
  5. yeah, but the majority of players posted on this are all real players, if you just look up "Nirvana" theres loads in this thread
  6. Hey, I'm playing with Lyon, my formation is 4-5-1, any tips on what role to play Lopez with? and also anyone know a decent centre back that isnt too expensive? thanks
  7. he must of been bloomin brilliant for those 2 minutes
  8. lol, his stats are still pretty good and he seems to be doing good for you
  9. hey, brilliant tactic, works really well for me now that i do Opposition instructions and team talks, i'm well on my way to winning the league!!
  10. how come when ever i use this tactic i do crap? i am on 8.02, i do all the Opposition instructions yet the other team dominates, every chance i get i miss. (i'm doing the teamtalks aswell) and this is on Man utd, Tottenham, Juventus etc. help please thanks
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