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  1. I'm currently in 2022 and so far my game has been running relatively smoothly, I have experienced some random crashes but I just re-load and it seems to sort itself out. However this time it is different, my save file keeps crashing at 23:45 18th February 2022 and in particular when reading a certain news article, one telling me my club's expectations for the upcoming season. The only changes to the original database are the license fix and a facepack for players. Although I have been using add/remove leagues consistently throughout my save so far. I'd be gutted if this means I can't continue my save, as you can imagine I've invested a fair amount of time into it already! Thanks!
  2. Cheers for the feedback I'll try and adjust that! I was also thinking that maybe my wingers get in the way sometimes as well? Especially with Lamela's tendency to cut in, so I was thinking of using the shout that they play more disciplined?
  3. Hi I'm mid 3rd season with Spurs currently playing with a 4-2-3-1. This has worked relatively well for the past two seasons, however I'm always finding myself going through large batches of inconsistent results. My front 4 when they play well are unbeatable, but they go missing far too often and often have ratings of about 6.2 or so. I've tried dropping my two centre midfielders to DMCs to counter the better teams, as well as changing my LB and RB to full backs rather than complete wing backs but this is seemingly to no avail. I would say that my main problem is struggling to break through teams as well as opposition wingers cutting in via a through ball from the ST. I haven't changed any individual instructions. GK: Lloris RB: Walker CB: Ginter CB: Vertonghen LB: Silva CM: Pizarro CM: Sandro AML: Lamela AMC: Eriksen AMR: Yarmolenko ST: Sigurdsson (Strange I know, but he was lethal for me last season, 35 goals. Yet as with Lamela and Eriksen, very hot and cold. Any tips or help would be very much appreciated!
  4. Pierre Emerick Aubameyang has been terrorising my defence for years now, always seems to join a club in my league and always, always manages to score against me. Think he first joined Chelsea on 07 when I was Spurs, then again Chelsea when I was Spurs on 08, then Lyon when I was Rennes on 09, then Spurs when I was Cambridge Utd on 10, then Sevilla when I was Xerez on 11 and now Man Utd when I am AC Milan (not the same league but scored against me in the Champions League Final!). Might have to buy him myself on 2013!
  5. I ended up keeping him, as I said, I didn't need the money and he's pretty indispensable for me, scoring loads and setting up
  6. Buying/Selling: Selling Player Name: Christian Eriksen Your Team: A.C. Milan Buyer/Seller: Atletico Madrid Player's Value: £21m Offer: £42m Transfer/Wage Budget: £7m and £990k Patch: Latest Season: 2014-2015 Pretty much Eriksen single handedly won me the League last season, with 20 goals and 18 assists, but this season he's been a bit more injury prone and hasn't been quite as good, but still been very good. I don't desperately need the money and I can't really think of anyone who could replace him...but £42m is a lot of money
  7. I'm playing as Bilbao as well, I'm just zooming through the seasons so I haven't been posting much Here's my best youngsters Aitor Gonzalez - The only non-basque player, but he's so good, been playing him as AML when Muniain is injured, or AMC, scores screamers quite often. Borja Aranguren - Llorente's back up, but has been getting a few games this season due to Llorente getting injured a lot. David Telletxea - Probably the best of the youngsters, him Aranguren and Begona all came through together. Been playing him as AMC Jon Alonso - Last years best youth product, very good so far, which is great as I needed a new CB! Markel Begona - Developing very very well, probably gonna play him from the start next season. Currently 1st in the league with 5 games left! Been scoring so many goals this season, as I created a new very attacking formation This way I can play both Herrera and Telletxea, who have both been great this season, as has Azipilicueta as WB. EDIT: Gonzalez and Telletxea are both wonderkids
  8. Have to say that Ander Herrera is starting the new season ridiculously well for me, definitely one of my favourite players and most consistent.
  9. Reinstalled FM after I finished my exams, back to attempting European domination for Bilbao!
  10. Finished my first season in charge of Athletic, have to say I'm loving it! Managed to come 3rd, despite Valencia at one point holding a 6 point advantage over me! Here's the final table Here's my squad and their ratings My top three players: Mikel San Jose - Really effective BPD and always solid and reliable. Fernando Llorente - Generally got the goals and finished in good form, but went missing during the middle part of the season. Iker Muniain - Real livewire, always looked like he was going to either score or create, love his flair. I also got three very nice looking youth products in my first intake, with the two attackers having already made their debut's and scored Begona Telletxea Aranguren Roll on season 2!
  11. Cheers, was a great sign up, certainly the best I've been involved in! Thanks for keeping it running for ages as well
  12. Damn, sacked by Inter?! Shame, but Fiorentina is still decent
  13. Yeah, absolute madness, really slowed my whole computer down, I've kept the saves but started a different challenge, its a shame, I was really enjoying this one but I might come back to it
  14. Ah good to know The stadium was one of the key reasons I chose them, as well as their "Good training facilities". EDIT: Just managed to sign this guy: Nico - Looks phenomenal!
  15. After long deliberation and the Chelsea game, I can finally post some details on my team. Firstly here is my manager profile. As you can see from my profile, I am now the proud manager of Terrassa! It seems I have a decent squad, not terrible and not amazing, just right for me to influence (hopefully) and my targets set by the board, I hope to aim for mid-table Now all I can say is: "Terrassa, Terrassa,Terrassa, Terrassa. Endavant, endavant, endavant, endavant, el Terrassa sempre triomfant.!" ​Will do a bit more later, just want to get into it atm.
  16. I've gone with Spain and I should have my team and my manager screenshot up as soon as the holiday is complete!
  17. Thanks for the quick responses I'm really tempted to join in now, might start posting as well, to make sure that I keep up my interest in it, now just to decide which league, I'm thinking either Spain or France?
  18. Hey I might start this challenge, recently I've much preferred starting in lower divisions and building my way up to the top, rather than just starting as a big club. Do you find that having just 1 league active means you don't get that many players and are the Europa Cup and Champions League still really competitive? And I guess the game is a lot quicker? As my computer is very slow, it might be best if I have very little leagues running, like this Thanks
  19. Trying to decide on whether to start again due to the effect FM has on the rest of my computer when it plays due to the Add/remove Leagues bug, I've only got 3 leagues running but as I've been changing them around I have 288K players :/ Means its sooo slow to play, but I got all the way to 2020 and I'm finally about to win the South African League...decisions...
  20. Taking over Inter! Very nice Much better than Spain U23's...
  21. Alejandro Hernandez - Alejandro took Sevilla to 6th in the league and into the Europa League, but then left to take over the Spain U-23 side in the upcoming Olympic Games in Germany. What a ridiculous decision! Leaves a good job for a temporary one!
  22. Haven't posted much in here, but I've been doing this with my save, so much fun! I'm currently in 2019 and I've completed North America and South America, but I've been stuck in Africa for so long, its impossible to get into the competition, as you have to win the league, and Kaiser Chiefs are so much better and richer than my team But still, really enjoying it!
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