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  1. Coric, Leandro Paredes
  2. Your top 5 FM17 players

    The more obvious ones 1 - Isco (unbelievable) 2 - Asensio 3 - Laporte 4 - Grimaldo 5 - Dybala The least obvious 1 - Lucas (CB from Atletico) 2 - Douglas Costa 3 - Kovacic 4 - Handanovic 5 - Iwobi
  3. Pep's Barcelona (Very Fluid)

    Brilliant post and tactic, however I made some reeeeeally small changes to the player roles. TI's remained the same. The change of AP(a) to RPM? Purely a personal choice. Always had success in getting that penetrative Iniesta-type midfielder with RPM with more risky passes and move into channels PI's. AP(s) instead of IF(s)... To me, the IF(s) with the Stay wider PI left the RPM and the SS too alone in the center of the field with no easy and safe passing options, causing them to easily give away possession and resort to beating the marker/play a very risky pass to the back of the defense almost every time. One IF(s) with the stay wider PI still caused the defense and midfield to stretch creating space, while the AP(s) on the opposite flank gave a bigger support to the midfielders and SS, creating more safe passing options to keep possession when needed, but still have the movement to make dangerous runs. I did this because of a video I saw once of Henry talking about how Guardiola always had one of the wingers very wide while the team had the ball on the opposite flank. This is what my AP(s) does, supports the team more centrally providing a safe option to pass, keeping possession, getting the ball, playing a pass to the back of the defense for the SS or the IF(s), playing a pass to one of the midfielders that is exploiting space created by the very wide IF(s) or simply change the flank with a pass to the wide IF that then can choose to beat his marker, causing havoc in the flank getting in a scoring position or a crossing position, or playing a pass to a runner. I felt the need to do it because 2 IF(s) stretched my own team too much and left no support to the player who had the ball until it got to the final 3rd. Coric? Had amazing success with him on the wingback position, what a great player. He's fast, agile, has great technique, has great vision, movement, flair, not the best decision wise but is a great attacking force, also has some crazy freekicks in his bag. His defensive stats aren't great, but somehow he performs way better than he should when defending. Grimaldo is a beast at everything, so he balances my back 4 pretty well when Coric goes up the pitch, he's a tank on the wing. Cheers