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  1. 4-2-3-1 is a fairly balanced system, attacking wise and defensively. What I think you should do is make your striker roam wide to get the ball, even making combinations with your wingers, or you could even use your striker and AM asymetrically... Regarding playmakers, I tend to use one only if that player is clearly better technically and mentally than the rest of the players, which isn't usually the case with bigger teams... I personally prefer playing without playmakers, then none of the players draws the ball to them and the rest of the team plays the best option they choose, or tend to bypass the need to include the playmaker in the play... I just use generic CM role and then customize their mentality and instructions to make them play as I want them to, without the Playmaker label
  2. This. The SS (at least for me) is a heavy dribbler and very agressive in his runs. Sometimes it ****s up the plays, but with the best player in the game I think it would work wonders.
  3. Yes, I do. Had some success with Felipe Anderson at Arsenal once I changed his duty to attack, otherwise the IF's aren't that aggressive without the ball.
  4. leb

    Tactical setup

    This. This is what I've always wanted in FM! While all this isn't possible to make, one thing that would add another level of depth would be to have tempo broken down in 2 parts: passing urgency(risk) and time on the ball. The ability to make a team pass the ball around very quickly, one or two touches and still be very pacient and cautious on the passes they pick, passing the ball around before eventually being agressive.
  5. Ruben Neves has been the heartbeat of my deep build up at Arsenal and I have some amazing midfielders in there... Can be a bit costly, had to offer 25M€ to get him but he is godly and has amazing potential, if you get in the position to buy him don't hesitate. You can always look up Busquets, highlight his higher attributes and start lowering them down in the search player scouting menu and see who you can get
  6. I bought him in the 1st season, winter transfer window. Started the 2nd season and still couldn't get him a permit
  7. Like the tittle says, is there a conflict between AVG and FM?
  8. I bought him for Arsenal in the 1st season and still couldn't get a WP, even with 11 international appearances
  9. Rajkovic if you can get a work permit for him, which is difficult in the 1st season
  10. I stopped getting inumerous crashes before matches (thank god) but now I'm experiencing this as well.
  11. Hey guys. Trying out this system in Fm18 with some small changes. Did someone notice the AP(at) tens to play deeper and not make many supporting runs and attack the space in front of him? I tried playing an CM(s) alongside him because I wanted to use only 1 playmaker and the CM would make much more runs and be a bigger threat than he was, so I changed him to a CM(a) and the DLP to the AP(s) and the Iniesta role seems to be much more penetrative... Wondering if you guys trying it out also saw what I saw.
  12. Felipe Anderson €30M and Odegaard €17M (release clause)
  13. Well, they're surprisingly cheap for what they offer. I saw the likes of Bellerin mentioned here, so...
  14. It happens when i send my team before the game, sometimes when the game is going into the pre-match teamtalk
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