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  1. I don't know if this is a "bug" in every sense, but I think there is an issue in the compilation of calendars, because every season I realize that opponents play against the same team the match before mine; this relates the results of that team, maybe a small one that always loses, with mine.
  2. It worked uninstalling and reinstaling the Graphic Card Drivers. Thanks man, I really appreciate it! Just to know, do you know why this happen? I mean, why and how the drop of tension is related to the graphic card drivers? Anyway thanks again!
  3. It started with a drop of tension in my house that freezed the computer while I was playing an in-match game. The first time it happened 8 months ago was on FM18, and I wasn't able to play it for 6 months. The problem occurred even on the FM19 beta. Then, when I deleted the folders "preference" and "cache" and check the files via steam, it worked fine even after the real release of the game. Like three weeks ago there was another drop of tension while I was playing and the issue has recurred. I tried to repeat the deleting-thing, but now it doesen't works. Tried some stress-test (furmarks, heaven benchmark) and everything is fine.
  4. On every match game crashes, freezing PC and, sometimes, resetting it. It happens since there was a drop in tension during a game. Is not the first time, I've encounter this issue 8 months ago and I was able, after six months and several attempts, to fix it deleting the folders "Preference" and "Cache" as written in the FAQ. It doesen't works now. DB with 48.000 players. Custom content veryfied. No Crash Dump folders. IT Specialists doesen't found anyting wrong last time. PC runs every game perfectly, even the latest releases. DxDiag.txt
  5. I apologize in advance if it's the wrong section where to post this bug. When I met the first president for the interview (sky bet league 2, macclesfield), he asked me to bring the team to the middle of the standings (even if quoted as the last in the seasonal expectations). I know that dialogue is wrong because my answers speak of objective salvation (fight for salvation, playoff or avoid the fight for salvation). I enclose the error screenshot. (Google translator)
  6. Seems like it works lowering the graphic settings. But my computer is rated 5/5 stars, and it worked on "very high" since the first time I've bought and played it untill it went crazy. I've tried all the settings during the match against Lazio, and it works with "lowerest", "low" and "medium". Once I set it on "high" it freezed the computer. This for me is not a victory or the solution of the problem, I pretend to know why it happens and how to solve this by bringing the situation back to normal. Moreover, why Far cry 5 works great on "very high" but football manager doesn't?
  7. To be sure it couldn't be the database/skin/faces/kits installed, i've started a new carreer with the original database and withouth any downloaded content after the reset few minutes ago, always with Juventus. Same thing, first match with Lazio, reset 2 second after the kick start. Now, let's be honest: it is not a big deal because now all my careers are f** up. The thing that terrifies me is that it could happen the same with football manager 2019 when I buy it, so I would like to make sure to solve the problem now to be able to enjoy the new title.
  8. I've downloaded the March version and started a new carreer with Juvenuts. First match against Lazio, reset 2 seconds after the kick start. So, nothing...
  9. Yeah, that's correct: only in matches, never during "the week". It could be at the start of the match (like when the teams are entering the field) or even at '88. No, I don't even have the folder "crash dumps". Yes, even with the default database too. DxDiag.txt
  10. Hi guys, I've had a big problem with Football Manager 2018 for a long time. Every time the 3D game starts - a few times at the start, when it still frames the benches, some at any time in the game (but never during the week, only in match) - the pc is restarted suddenly, freezing for a few seconds. It’s been doing it for months now. It has started doing it after a drop in tension and was told that it could be a corruption of the save. I started a new career and for the first three matches all right, the fourth again. I left the game all summer and I started playing a month ago: same mistake with a new career. I brought the pc in assistance, 15 euros, removal of some viruses and dust, no problem encountered. Today I start a new career, first game, boom, restarted. What can it be? I play on a quad core intel i5, GeForce GTX1050Ti graphics card and 5 GB of Ram. Very high specifications. This game I had the Italian championships up to the first playable category (7th level with the Fusion DB, which everyone have her in Italiy) and all the championships of the game (seventy I think) in "look only", but it is a problem that gave me with any database setting. Please help me, I'm desperate. Never had such problems with the past editions, and in fact I played for a very quiet year since I took him to the day one until the beginning of the summer just passed. Any other game goes great even with ultra settings (last played Far Cry 5 and Primal, The Sims 4).
  11. Upgrades: now it just restart the PC after an unspecified time. It could be at the 88' or after the kick off like the last time, few minutes ago. Never happened before, after 360 hours of playing on FM18 (and thousands of hours in past editions)
  12. Hi! I have an issue that has never been presented before. The game completely crash during the match, yet it's the second game I play and I'm in 2020, without the problem coming up before. I tried to install the latest driver for my GTX 1050 TI, but nothing, it keeps crash. It could be centered with the drops in tension that occurred yesterday? Beacause after a loss tension my television turned off and when I turned it on again the game and all the PC was freezed for few minutes; after that, it just turned off the PC. Same things today, for three time: Al pc freezed, than I have to shut off it mechanichally. I tried some suggest foundend in this forum, like the start option in steam, but nothing. Some help?
  13. IT WORKS MAN, IT WORKS. I've turned off the bar game (I think I've done it but actually was on) and it started. THANK YOU A LOT. I'VE WAITED ONE MONTH FOR THIS. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. GIVE ME YOUR ADDRESS, I'LL SEND YOU A FRUIT CEST FROM ITALY-
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