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  1. FM 16: Best 5 players to buy

    1. Luciano Vietto - best poacher in the game, just crazy in front of the goal 2. Paul Pogba and Neymar - obviously both are well known world class players, but both can be bought easily by top clubs, which isn't that common for players of their calibre 3. Héctor Bellerín - best right back in the game 4. Kurt Zouma - the best young CB next to Varane and Chelsea sells him for market value 5. Fernando (Man City) - an unusual choice, but in my opinion he's the best player for the anchor man role and City sells him for less than market value
  2. Usually players' attributes are not changed when they move to a new club without the researcher having been able to get a good look at the player, but there are no strict rules about that. He said that the attributes are set by the researcher of the club that holds the rights to the player. That is not correct, researchers are in charge of all players at their club, so while a player is out on loan the researcher of his original club has no influence on the attributes of that player. The CA/attributes can be reduced or increased, but that depends on the researcher of the club the player is playing at.
  3. Obviously there are different standards for different clubs, players at Real Madrid get higher CAs than players at Watford, for example. But in the end it comes down to how good the player is in the eyes of the researcher, not which club he plays for. That is incorrect. Researchers handle all players at their club, it doesn't matter if they're only there on loan.
  4. It's not directly being stopped from being sold. You can import and register it on Steam just fine. However, due to the license that EA has, they can sue SEGA if they publish a game in Germany that includes real Bundesliga clubs and players. This even applies to fake names (which SI used years ago), so the German leagues would have to be taken out of the game or filled with random players. Since nobody in Germany would want to buy a game without the German leagues, it makes no sense to sell this kind of incomplete game here.
  5. FM12: Mario Götze

    His CA was obviously much lower when he was a 16/17 year old youth player, so his stats, especially the physical ones, were also much lower. Usually the CA will only be as high as the level a player has proven himself on, so if a player goes from being a really good youth player to a star player in the first division in 2 years, his CA and attributes are going to rise 'meteorically'.
  6. FM12: Mario Götze

    As a youth player Götze was known to be physically weak but technically brilliant. Even from reading the short bio in the opening post, that should be pretty apparent. He has obviously matured, which is why his stats have changed.
  7. FM11: Thomas Muller

    So, how is he performing in 11.3? Is he as hard to buy as he should be? For the record, here are his attributes:
  8. FM11: FC Bayern Munich Thread

    His mother is a Filipino nurse, his father a Nigerian DJ and he was born and raised in Vienna.
  9. Barzagli

    You can clearly see from the screenshots when the bug that boosted Barzagli's attributes (and also increased the attributes of players like Wes Brown, Elano, David Silva, Matias Fernandez, etc.) was fixed. The difference between 2008 and 2009 has nothing to do with researchers.
  10. Bayern data file (aka the Müller fix)

    You can use it with the patch, but the Bayern data in the patch is newer than the one in my file, so I don't see why you would do that. There's no need for a new version.
  11. Bayern data file (aka the Müller fix)

    No, there was no need to change these.
  12. You should take a look at this thread.
  13. Does Height matter?

    How often does this question come up? Don't believe anyone who tells you that height matters. The Jumping attribute is the player's "reach" in the game and this includes his height. Height is in fact the most important factor for the Jumping attribute (that's why Cahill's Jumping is much lower than Crouch's Jumping, Crouch is simply a lot taller and will win a duel in the air most of the times). So: No, height does not have a direct effect in the game. You can ignore it.
  14. You mean England, Spain, Germany, Italy, France. That's the current order.
  15. Goalkeeper needed!

    But don't go anywhere near him if you expect consistency from your keeper. There's a Good Goalkeepers Thread so you might look there.