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  1. First, Thank you so much to respond so fast ! I hope you will try to found a way for fixing it as soon as possible ..
  2. So, The false nine doesn't drop deep at all ... He don't ask for the ball and he's not involved with the game at all . He is useless but he sould be a playmaker who play alongside the midfield and the over player should make run behind the defense and never do that .. You have here 2 screenshot of the same game . Just look the stat of Tadic the false nine. You also have a video . just look him and look my am who supposed to make run behind the defense because he have the instructions to do it and also the perfect ppm but he just never do it .. They Are useless... Ajax 3-0 Vitesse - Match Highlights.ogv
  3. Do we know when the patch is ready ? And what's the patch gonna do ? Just change the ME ?
  4. For me that's and elegant player .. And my tactic is based on that . https://fr.slideshare.net/brankonikovski/olympique-de-marseille-201415-scout-report-5x5-method-by-branko-nikovski-english-version It's a 4-2-3-1 and 3-3-3-1 .
  5. Okey , I play fm since fm11 i think, and i still got this big issues with the " Attacking midfielders " roles . For me there is two type of attacking midfielders in the real life : The Creative, elegant , playmaker . (Dimitri Payet , Juan Fer Quintero , James Rodriguez, Jorge Valdivia) and the type of more attacking mind midfielders but still got the creativity of a playmaker and makes his teammates scores . ( Griezmann , Dybala, Fekir, and of course Messi ) . Here you got a screenshot of the performance of Griezmann in my tactic . It's a " Bielsa tactic " who gives me a lot of succes but i'm not happy with griezmann performance in stat but also in game .. I want him to make assists , I want him to make a lot of key passes , i want him to scores . I mean come on it's Griezmann ! One of the best 10 in the game ! I don't want to put him as an advanced playmaker just because he's not an AP ( and Payet at marseille was not an AP but a real creative elegant Attacking midfielders ) So please help me , Do you think it's an issues with the role by himself .. ? I had this issues with a lot of many tactics not just my " Bielsa tactic " ...
  6. Yep , for now it's too soon ... When i think it's perfect i will share it . For now i just put my dm as a DLP(d) in cm position . Theres is some improvement. To be honnest i want to use a libero just for frenkie de jong . I can't see a better player than him for that role ( i really like him , i'm a little biased )
  7. Yep dont' worry , i made some tweak and i think i'm almost there .
  8. Thanks a lot , i think I read that article and you right the two dlps and one of them is a dm so i can't get the best out of my libero but the cruyff diamond was with a DLP in a DM strata so how can i still use that ? If i put my DLP(dm) as a DM and my DLP(cm) my libero will be more involved in the game ? Or i can put my DLP(dm) as a DLP(cm) and my libero will have more space .
  9. Hi everyone , I always wanted to make a 3-4-3 diamond cruyff and i think your tactic is great . However i make some tweak and is working well , but i got a big issues with my libero . As you can see on the screenshot of the passmap, my libero is totally alone and he's not participating at all in the game ...To be honnest i can't see why .. Is it because i got 2 DLP ? If someone can help me ..
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