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  1. This issue occured on FM17 as well. The widgets dont collapse downwards when placed at the bottom half of the screen. Instead they still collapse upwards, meaning you get a floating header bar in the middle of the screen/pitch view.
  2. Same here with Tottenham, and holiday doesnt work.
  3. Hmm no, that doesnt make any sense either you roam from your position or you hold it?
  4. I complained about this for FM13 as well. As usual SI staff requested specific save game examples, which i provided. I was of cause promised that this would be tweaked in the next patch, and asked to then review it again. Same story, same issues, and now the same in FM14. I dont have the energy to have to be working with SI on these issues... play your own game and fix the many obvious issues that anyone sees when playing a match, making a player bid, trying to sell a player, do press conferences that gets completely misunderstood by your team, have your team morale on the low despite being in the cup final.... i could go on and on. I have lost faith in SI ever being able to adress these things due to having gone way overcomplicated with the game, so now i just accept that the game is by nature unfair and favouring the AI - a computer calculating tactics and e.g. transfer bids will always be better than me. Have to get the best out of it - but it doesnt make it less frustrating.
  5. As mentioned earlier, i really really like the new tactics. Its a great please to finally seamingless be able to configure a different playing style per. player in player instructions. HOWEVER a humble request: when setting the player specific properties a pop-up appears with all the shouts. Can we please be allowed to move this box around as it keeps covering the player attribute profile also on the back page. This would hugely improve the usability when it comes to setting individual shouts if you can in fact see the attributes of the player.
  6. ...craaazy stuff compared to FM13.. :-( Anyway OT: LOVING the new tactics configuration. Amazing...simply amazing.
  7. Are salaries correct?? Does CR7 earns £575.000 per week i real life?!! Bale, Falcao £300.000??
  8. Code from GameSeek

    Confirmed. Just login to gameseek and redeem your code from there.
  9. Rating 5/10 (180 hours) Match engine/tactics is the big issue for me this time around. I appreciate SI pursuing a realism factor here, but the game is just not fun anymore. I have so big difficulties in succeeding even though i have a good team. Its so difficult to make strikers work for instance. People rant "its you tactics"... yes of cause, but can it really be true that you have to study a massive amount of forum posts to get tactics to work? People would then argue that i should go FM classics, but thats not the way! I appreciated FM06, 07 etc. and the depth of the game feature so dont wanna go that way. It just seems SI is overcomplicating stuff and forgetting that the majority of gamers just want to have fun, and then leave it to pro's to take Stevenage into the Champions League...
  10. Away from home tactics

    And it still does imo if you look at mentality when changing between phil. I have good experince shifting to rigid away.
  11. Away from home tactics

    but it does? Try to read SIs own descrption of the rigid philosophy..
  12. Away from home tactics

    I always go rigid philosophy away from home regardless of opposition. It keeps a better shape. I usually play counter or defensive and then use specific shouts to make sure we get more forward and more cynic than standard approach
  13. Great comments guys. Thanks for clarifying it!
  14. Good example. Its of cause clear that the distribution of attributes are very important to performance and the role that a given player could perform in. And i understand that the gap between current and potential ability is important for a player to develop his attributes. So what i get from this is that if for instance Torres instead of a current ability of (lets say) 160 and a potential of 180, had the current ability 100 and potential 120, it means that his attributes would in fact be overrated, and when starting up a game i could risk that his attributes decreased significantly untill it reached a level corresponding to 100/120? And when within the range of 100/120 they would settle and not develop further above the 120 mark. OR... that Torres' attributes are generally too high for a 100/120 level, so i would expect no positive development in attributes as he is already above his ability levels, and thus i can only expect decrease in physical attributes over time which might then come back in terms of minor increases to mental stats? Am i getting near the point here?
  15. OK - sounds reasonable. But how can it then be that in the editor every player has a set current ability? If the above was the case, that wouldnt really be needed as current ability would just be corresponding to the sum of attribute levels? Looking in the editor the current ability of different players with quite different attribute levels can be set to the appr. same level?