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  1. In the game you go to advanced player options and where you can see marking options you choose opposition player from dropdown list. Just like you can choose Man or Zonal marking in tactics screen.
  2. I have use specific man marking cos if I just leave on Man marking players will usually mark wrong guy. Fullbacks are marking opposition front two or wingers if opposition plays with one up front. In that case DMC will man mark single forward. Striker is always marking better centerback and wingers are marking fullbacks. If I leave them on simple Man Marking they would mark opposition's wingers so you need to use specific player man-marking. My central midfielders are sometimes marking opposition wingers in 4-4-2 which makes my AMC then drop deep as my MCs are covering flanks. My DMC and AMC can cope with opposition mids in 4-4-2. Passing is left on default so I can use shouts if needed. I don't use HUB at all. No need for that so far.
  3. First five individual instructions, from Mentality to Tackling, are left to TC and I don't touch them as I want to control them via Shouts. Tackling might be tweaked during the match for individuals being too aggressive or picking up yellow card. My settings: Team Philosophy - Balanced Starting Strategy - Attacking Creative Freedom - More Expressive Closing Down - Stand off more Tackling - More Cautious Marking - Zonal Width is set to 20, Tempo to first notch of Quick (14) with Time wasting to highest Sometimes (13). This way I aim to have ball circulation at speed but with time wasting as I don't want forced passes forward if there is no space. So if we can't break quickly keep it and try other options until something opens up. Still open for future combinations. Individual roles Goalkeeper - Defend Sweeper - Libero Support Fullbacks - Defend Defensive Midfielder - Support Central Midfielders - Attack Wingers - Attack Attacking Midfielder - Attack Complete Forward - Support No player has Run from deep on often, either Rarely or Sometimes. Run from deep #1-GK: Rarely (default GK settings) #2-DR: Rarely #3-SW: Sometimes #5-DL: Rarely #4-DMC: Sometimes #6-MCr: Rarely #10-AMC: Sometimes #8-MCl: Rarely #7-AMR: Sometimes #9-S: Sometimes #11-AML: Sometimes Works nice in combination with Attacking mentality. Players have tendency for attacking moves, with and without ball, but still keep the shape. Runs from deep and mentality seem to be most important settings for finding balance. Everything else is bonus for fine tuning player roles.
  4. I went for minimum pitch 100 x 64 cos I believe I can outplay most of Dutch teams at home and it shouldn't be problem for good players to find space. Advantage is that my team should be compact in defensive phase. In friendlies on bigger pitch my wingers would receive diagonal pass to touchline but narrow defense kept shape and ran back to their box. Now I'm hoping that in same situation opposition would be dragged and winger could dribble and cross into space or eventually cut inside.
  5. This isn't plug and play system so tweaking is needed on game to game basis. Unless you reach point where you have 20 best players in game so you can always outscore opposition I've had opposition playing with two really narrow strikers so I moved fullbacks to central positions in second half, without changing any custom settings. Only their roles changed from Fullback Defend to Centerback Defend and their closing down went down by one notch. Since they have Roaming On when Ajax was in possession they spread out. Not as wide as in FB position where they occasionally went to touchline but it looked better than in FM10. Their wide setting is normal. #3 started pushing forward with those two in CB positions and they almost played in line, sometimes he was slightly in front of them. Didn't touch his settings at all and usually he is sitting deeper.
  6. I'm playing #10 in AMC position cos if I use #6 and #8 to man-mark wide opposition players in 4-4-2 he drops to MC position to fill the gap left by them and has #4 behind him as midfield sweeper. Also by playing #10 in AMC in attacking phase I have second striker able to play one-two with #9. Currently my midfielders have Center Mid. - Attack roles with RFD on Rare and Roaming On. This way they have attacking mentality with lots of creativity. In attacking phase they stay behind front four but still they move forward to participate. All instructions for 6 and 8 are identical but two players will act differently, depending on their attributes and PPM.
  7. Write up is planned when I'm confident that tactic is good enough. Same with uploading. I think it might be in a few hours
  8. PM me your mail and I can send it now since I plan to keep it for now. Only thing that needs tweaking is man marking of certain players. Fullbacks marking wingers and Libero marking striker against 4-3-3 or MCs marking wingers against 4-4-2.
  9. Thanks for framework! I have my initial tactic ready. Tested in few saves out of the blue with non-familiar teams and it looked good, at least to my eyes Gonna test in quick save little bit more with initial Ajax squad before I share it with you people as I would like to hear your opinions.
  10. Marz which players from initial squad you would use in first 11? Also AZ might be interesting to watch this season http://11tegen11.wordpress.com/2010/08/10/new-on-11tegen11-verbeek’s-az-showing-off-with-a-dynamic-three-man-defense…/
  11. For slow players loading all leagues shouldn't be much of a problem. I've set my initial tactic with TC and then only tweaked what I feel is needed except Mentality, Creative freedom, Passing and Closing down. I won't touch this settings for now in detail and will only tweak with TC. Still in preseason but what is discouraging is that on my current save I have only three countries loaded and player pool is small. For that reason and due to me being slow player I will go as Marz with huge database. If I loose my best players I might not achieve board expectations so another option is to be patient and wait for my future youth to develop before going for recreation of Van Gaal's system and use somewhat generic 4-3-3.
  12. But since file is for FM10 it has set pieces. Thats why I wrote to put them to 0 and also modify Attack to 3. Concerning Goalkeeping you just spread it over two schedules.
  13. Download from page six and edit the file. Put Strength to 3, Stamina to 5 and Attacking to 3 while Set pieces to 0. I don't know if Strength and Stamina were fixed in the sheet.
  14. I apologize, I misunderstood that it works only with higher resolutions. It works just fine with 1280x1024. I was using custom panel like SFraser as it has really good info but your's go into much more details. Great work!
  15. I'm sure for shooting, in case that free points still apply, but composure might cost PA for each player. Someone else might know better about that research. I think that some Finish site had table with free points but can't recall for sure.
  16. Some attributes are free when it comes to CA/PA point distribution depending on position, so if you train Defender in Shooting to increase his Composure, his Shooting increase won't spend PA points. At least there were some free points before so I presume it's same in FM10.
  17. http://soccerlens.com/transfer-lists/ English Premier League Transfers English Championship Transfers English League One Transfers English League Two Transfers La Liga Transfers Serie A Transfers Bundesliga Transfers Ligue 1 Transfers Scottish Premier League Transfers
  18. I don't like playing no.10 from MC position as he drops deep in defensive phase. Even with high closing and mentality he is always deeper then 6 and 8.
  19. Ogararu definitively isn't player for Ajax in such system. OK if you play with flat back four but when playing with three at the back he pushes forward. Tried him at #3 and due to his PPMs he pushes forward with or without ball which then pushes #4 further and leaves opposition striker behind him. I tried it with adjusted closing down as Marz mentioned.
  20. Gonna try other settings. Ogararu and Atouba were first choice due to van der Wiel's injury but I'll go with other players. Ogararu can be used as #3. Atouba has right stats for the winger so I'll probably use him there. Lodeiro is my #10 as Aissati will play from #8. Also in other saves I used him on right wing and he did really well. Changed central midfielders to Advanced playmakers on support and attack but I'll set them up properly. Running from deep is really powerful so it requires lower mentality if it's on often.
  21. I think the biggest problem everyone faces is setting up the back four. To make my life easier I started test save with Holland and Brazil loaded and game start set at December 2008. That leaves me plenty of time for testing without competitive pressure and transfer battles. I decided to go with Creator and then tweak as needed. Philosophy was set to Fluid as I've discovered that defense works better then with Rigid or Balanced. Players cover for each other when one leaves his position, especially when chasing the ball, this was also noticed by SFraser so I knew I saw it correctly. With Attacking strategy defensive line was set to first notch of Push-up so defenders were pretty much near the center line when having the ball. Initial Individual roles were like this: #2 & #5 - Fullback - Defend #3 - Ball playing Defender - Cover - with one centerback there is no difference regardless which duty you put but it's good to have in case you play Libero at CB position for some reason. #4 - Deep lying playmaker - Defend I've went for #3 at centerback position because Vertonghen is only SW in the team (I play him as #4) and I wanted to see how will things work with CB-DM combination. Things worked better then with SW-DM as both players were covering each other and when needed played as pair of centerbacks. When #3 would come out with the ball to start a counter, #4 would drop on his place, something that lacked with SW-DM positioning. Fullbacks on Creator settings didn't look as good as I planned so I tweaked them. Mentality to highest defensive, Creative freedom to lowest normal and Closing down to highest of own area. Still there was difference in how Atouba and Ogararu played with Atouba playing narrower and Ogararu really wide. First thought was PPMs. Ogararu has Run with ball down right side and Gets forward while Atouba has Tries to play way out of trouble. Since those tweaks didn't help with Ogararu, Oleguer was tried as FB as he has Stays back and Plays out of trouble PPMs and things looked as they should. #4 participates in build-up and in defence. I'm satisfied so far with what I've seen and both Vertonghen and Gabri have good mental stats so they are playing positionally very well. Gonna play with attack settings but that shouldn't be too much of a problem. Initial settings: Wingers on support with Hugs touchline and Man marking seems to stretch the defense, without that they played somewhat narrow, regardless of maximum width in team settings. Attacking Midfielder with attack duty seems to play better with Move into channels and no roaming as Advanced forward creates space. Central midfielders are on Attack and Support duties and Move into channels seems to add some width. Not as I would like but still better then without any. This were just tweaks I've done so far and it's nowhere near done but I want to do it step by step.
  22. New GK is for 1st team. DMs go on CM schedule. Injury schedules are to regain physical attributes faster as they are lost during injury. Use it if you need it. I personally don't use it.
  23. I've just loaded game and Zico10's tactic posted above and moved SW and DM to right and left, so far positioning looks good. When defending fullbacks play narrower and go wide while in possession. Edit: On first sight it looks nice but no.8 should be playing further up the pitch so no.4 has space. Also wide play settings for no.8 should be hug touchline as he moves to the center too much, but I think with higher mentality it should be good. This is just quick observation but point is that DML and SWR seem to work.
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