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  1. That's why you have Translate button on the right side of the linked result
  2. Just google the title and you'll get it as a first result. For some reason google translate isn't opening it for me. However it boils down to him opposing to 2-1 midfield and going for 1-2 cos you have two midfielders attacking the space and protection in the middle while defending. If I recall well, he wrote that he would use Sneijder as a DM playmaker, De Jong as a "motor" or runner and van der Vaart as an attacking player in the Ajax line up of that time. Also if you look at the Ajax clips from that era and onward, you could see wingers stretching the field, even when playing on the "opposi
  3. But since file is for FM10 it has set pieces. Thats why I wrote to put them to 0 and also modify Attack to 3. Concerning Goalkeeping you just spread it over two schedules.
  4. Download from page six and edit the file. Put Strength to 3, Stamina to 5 and Attacking to 3 while Set pieces to 0. I don't know if Strength and Stamina were fixed in the sheet.
  5. I'm sure for shooting, in case that free points still apply, but composure might cost PA for each player. Someone else might know better about that research. I think that some Finish site had table with free points but can't recall for sure.
  6. Some attributes are free when it comes to CA/PA point distribution depending on position, so if you train Defender in Shooting to increase his Composure, his Shooting increase won't spend PA points. At least there were some free points before so I presume it's same in FM10.
  7. New GK is for 1st team. DMs go on CM schedule. Injury schedules are to regain physical attributes faster as they are lost during injury. Use it if you need it. I personally don't use it.
  8. CElliott just use same way for creating PT schedules. Ofcourse focus will be lower on certain things but still it will work.
  9. I also didn't know about overall workload slider. It's great info which will make individual schedules creation lot faster. Thanks for sharing info ProZone.
  10. Attacking covers only two attributes so even with high focus workload isn't shown as big.
  11. http://www.filefront.com/15714327/ProZones-Training-Multiplier.xlsx/
  12. Download ProZone's sheet and put 3 for outfield player strength and you'll get general schedules for every position and age.
  13. I'm one of those that was taking optimization route. This has shown me new perspective. However in FM 10 physical training can lead to many injuries and I've even abandoned full optimization as any physical training above 13th notch has increased injuries. I'll play some test games to see how this develops but for my current games I'll limit strength and aerobic while implementing SFraser's views on other aspects. As always SFraser has delivered some great food for thought.
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