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  1. Jedvaj would be among my call-ups but those two? No way. I had a wonderful moment looking at Pjaca's face when penalty wasn't given. No Maminho's influence here
  2. Lot's of people joking on facebook and publishing fake pics. Even Daily mail published some MS Paint "plans" for pitch invasion and similar. Also ref attack info came from police syndicate and they need to justify their existence
  4. Another victim of CFA corruption. Always liked him, both for his skills and eloquence in Croatian which surpassed 90% of Croatian footballers
  5. Friend told me "It's a win-win, my heart is with Germany but if Argentina wins in Brazil it will be fun". I think that everyone around me shares this view.
  6. Sounds like war zone here
  7. It was a penalty but Robben had to add some acting to it, in case ref didn't see it well
  8. Never would expect to see so many Dutch players in defensive line.
  9. Chile's Claudio Bravo signed for Barca few days ago.
  10. Of course it's nothing to be proud about, but if someone started spilling their booze onto me I wouldn't tolerate it. And Mexicans are lucky it was just regular fans instead of some crew. If you have ever seen any blitzkrieg on the terraces you'd know how quickly stampede starts.
  11. Good thing that Mexicans didn't pick on the wrong crew. Otherwise it would be ugly within seconds.
  12. I'm thinking more along the lines of Roy Keane, as it happens in football, luckily not often. Surely not worse than a headbutt or an elbow? To be clear I HATE diving or any kind of dirty move. It should be mandatory for every player to watch Ray Lewis highlights and be fined for rolling unless someone KTFOs them in such manner
  13. Dick move by him and I don't condone it since it's completely effed up gesture. But is it worse than some nasty tackle from behind which carries three match ban?