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  1. Check out Media handling style for every player. That is area which tells you a lot. Personality will never be worse than Balanced for real players due to legal reasons however Media handling is probably legal loophole as something which is free to interpret.
  2. You can slow down the tempo in team instructions.
  3. Well knowing Croatia's luck with Ireland it might be Ireland winning or at least a draw. Croatia backline seems to be Srna - Ćorluka - Schildenfeld - Strinić. It's possible that Srna will be moved to the right in which case Vida will be right back. Still no info on which line up will play for us tomorrow.
  4. I believe that Terry is the weak link in England defence. His form is sketchy and Rio deserved the nod. Also if Lescott is in first 11 then Terry will play in the right CB slot which is his weak point. Since he isn't covering defender it shouldn't be expected to make any difference but his bad games, from what I've seen, were when he played on the right.
  5. Ivo Iličević is out due to injury so Šime Vrsaljko is in. Seems that Srna will play on the right wing. I think that only Bilić, if that, knows how Croatia will look like.
  6. http://www.zonalmarking.net/2012/06/06/euro-2012-preview-croatia/
  7. Well if you watch games on full then you might see it happen. Since good crossing percentage is low attempts might be omitted from highlights as it was insignificant.
  8. In real life not many crosses are successful. However in game you have to look if crosses are hit under pressure and rushed. If player has good technique and has time to cross then chances are bigger that deliver should be good. Then your striker comes into equation with his ability and positioning.
  9. Before seeing Trap contemplating switch to 4-5-1 I thought we'll see 4-4-2 vs 4-4-2 which is rare nowadays. Regardless of result on 10th in Poznan there will be huge party before and after the game. Probably it will start 2-3 days before the game One of the games where police presence isn't needed Also what frustrates me is that even with healthy Olić, Mandžukić would get a nod. I'd love to see Eduardo in first eleven. Whoever wins this match has good chance of progressing further.
  10. Croatia started with 4-4-2 against Norway. It was so horrible display that I stopped watching after 30 minutes, stupid fouls and unnecessary divings. FFS it's friendly, focus on tactics and system not BS. I hope Olić will be good for Euro. He is all speed and like poachers in FM he lives off through balls and 10 runs will produce 2 chances
  11. One thing with Croatian selections in various sports is that whenever they went to some competition with no fan expectations they did well. I can't say that everyone in Croatia is optimistic but some of the best football displays were shown when team was considered underdogs. Biggest problem since last Euro was that team had no identity, to say so. There was no regular system and performances at time were really horrible and in my opinion only individual quality saved these qualifiers. Corruption within football structures in Croatia certainly didn't help and call-ups to certain players were illogical and probably served only as a way to inflate player value. Not that some players are bad but in already small pool of good players there is hardly place for luxury of that kind, especially when you expect the team to qualify for every WC and Euro.
  12. First touch is needed for sweeper keepers or even regulars in case your defense is under pressure. Often against stronger opposition defenders will have to pass back to keeper and he will have to use one touch pass to redistribute ball to safer area.
  13. He is Greek and he is penishead and I'll get infraction but do I look butt hurt?
  14. IMO it doesn't even have to be coded except giving us option to add custom description of staff role and having it visible in custom view. Maybe some of the skin masters might know how to do something?
  15. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/278139-FM12-A-Back-three-now-Viable?p=7222134&viewfull=1#post7222134 Cleon's formation here might give you good starting point. Also check out this thread http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/289528-The-SI-Sports-Centre-All-You-Need-To-Know-About-FM I think that team settings might be same for this formation, W-M variations and Dutch 3-4-3.
  16. We could simplify what moneyball is with LFC example: Sell Torres and Babel for 56 million GBP Buy Carroll and Suarez for 57,5 million GBP = total amount spent is 1.5 million GBP Probably their combined wages are around same amount which in the end leaves the club within the budget. Point of moneyball is to get value without overspending cos in baseball you trade players and with trading you also accept their contracts from previous clubs. So you can see trades of 1 big name for 3 hot prospects and some benefits like drafting rights. Billy Bean used Sabermetrics as a way of determining who is a good player, while old school thing was to watch players like it's common in football nowadays, with focus on goals and assists or home runs for example. So Comolli used statistics in a way like Sabermetrics value player. Thing is that none of us know which data he collected and gave preference to. It's still early days for deep football stats but I believe it's a matter of time when some genius will figure out which overlooked stat is showing something important.
  17. Used to play balanced 99% of time but now I have some new ideas how my team should play so I will go with fluid and also try very fluid. Bad league with awful standard overall so I hope that playing differently might separate me from others.
  18. Xabi Bilbao when I play with Athletic and Cabrito as nickname in Brazil.
  19. It worked really well even with not so good teams.
  20. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/298884-How-do-I-counter-the-4-2-3-1(2-cm-and-3-amc)-formation This might help you for the future games.
  21. Playing in third division is better than to play in u19 for youngsters as it's rated bit better so I can only help their development. It can be better when Bilbao get to the second div. Don't worry about bad coaches as they only influence how quickly will players develop. Since Spain has regulations about number of first teamers and Athletic has really small squad players will get enough playing time to develop. So it isn't as damaging as one may initially think. Even if you play only homegrown players you will find use for regens and keep decent results. Difference is that you won't amass five 5-star kids for every single position.
  22. He would get higher number. But sometimes it can be confusing as for example Igor Martinez is 26 IIRC while in the game you can't give him higher nr but have to register him as a first teamer. At least I know that some kids can't get numbers like they do in real life.
  23. You'll have to register them and give them shirt numbers.
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