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  1. I heavily rebuilt the team because the default Bayer team doesn't fit the tactic You need to buy some good players for the MC/AMC positions, also the default teams lacks good players for the ML/MR/STC positions Rebuild the team to fit the tactic and you will be winning non stop
  2. I can say that Battlemaster V2 is the best tactic I've tried for FM19 it gives me crazy results with Bayer 04
  3. This will be my Christmas Presents for SI guys this Xmas!
  4. I've got the same issue IGE isn't appearing in the game it's very frustrating must add
  5. In the release I'm doing amazign with Everton at the moment I'm using Ashbringer v13
  6. V11 Ashbringer plays a beautiful football and looks unstoppable Here are my results with Monaco
  7. V2 of Ashbringer looks just deadly I started a new save with Southampton to try it and here are my results so far
  8. I played with the latest patch but didn’t notice any improvements… sad
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