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  1. I heavily rebuilt the team because the default Bayer team doesn't fit the tactic You need to buy some good players for the MC/AMC positions, also the default teams lacks good players for the ML/MR/STC positions Rebuild the team to fit the tactic and you will be winning non stop
  2. I can say that Battlemaster V2 is the best tactic I've tried for FM19 it gives me crazy results with Bayer 04
  3. This will be my Christmas Presents for SI guys this Xmas!
  4. I've got the same issue IGE isn't appearing in the game it's very frustrating must add
  5. In the release I'm doing amazign with Everton at the moment I'm using Ashbringer v13
  6. V11 Ashbringer plays a beautiful football and looks unstoppable Here are my results with Monaco
  7. V2 of Ashbringer looks just deadly I started a new save with Southampton to try it and here are my results so far
  8. I played with the latest patch but didn’t notice any improvements… sad
  9. I just finished my first season with Newcastle and noticed that Man City finished the 6th place even outside of CL, Crystal Palace had better stats in the league than Man City at the end of the season…
  10. LOL... in my save even Watford has better results than Man City in the 1st season
  11. I remember that in one of my saves Bayern Munich got only 59 points at the end of the season
  12. The unrealistic possession numbers isn’t the only issue. Just look at how many goals Barcelona and Real Madrid scored in the season, it’s like 2 times less than these teams usually score in real life, also, the fact that Atletico Madrid scored more than Barca and Real is ridiculous...
  13. I haven't been noticing any improvements in this area for the release... /SAD
  14. I just finished the 1st season with Getafe and in my save Barcelona scored 65 goals in the season… LOL
  15. I'd say that only 69 goals and 50.78% possession for Barca is quite unrealistic... I hope that it'll be looked at for the release
  16. Please could someone explain me how to set the camera the same way as at the video below? I’ve tried Data Analyst Camera and zoom but it still was too far away Thanks!
  17. SI can easily make a video with few nice looking highlight and say that they improved the ME by 1000 times but really would something like that matter ? The only one way to learn about the ME changes for us customers is to play Demo version of FM18 before making decision about buying the game… You just can’t understand are there any significant ME changes or not by looking at short videos that SI offers to us because it’s obvious they easily can make it look amazing by putting the best what the ME can produce into it… do you really think that they will show any ugly part of it in their videos? Once more… wait for Demo Version of FM18, play it and see it for yourself.
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