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  1. When I try to filter players in the National Pool, the filtering is broken. See the video below. Most of the filters do nothing when pressed. This worked perfectly in FMT19. My setup: iPad Pro 10.5 iOS 13.2.3 FMT 20.1.4-1318970 (m.e v2021) Steps to replicate: Switch to national manager Go to National Pool Try to filter players by only showing goalkeepers, left-sided full-backs, etc. I have uploaded my game save to the SI cloud service: Phil Morton - Tottenham - England.fmv RPReplay_Final1575797805.MP4
  2. If you are looking for a specific player, tap the search icon at the top of the screen and type in their name. If you are looking for a player based on their attributes, tap on the search icon on the left (main menu) and then Player Search at the top.
  3. This has been reported as a bug in the iOS bugs forum.
  4. I have also seen a newgen manager appearing as one of the most likely people to get a top job when an existing manager is sacked, while in the first few months of a career.
  5. Issue In the Club Vision, the tooltip to assist you with the “Play entertaining football” requirement is not clear. It provides almost no additional context that would help you determine if this is influenced by results, tactics or other factors. It should be more descriptive. My setup iPad Pro 10.5 (model MPGH2B/A) iOS 13.2.3 FMT 20.1.3-1317604
  6. The compatibility list says “Minimum supported operating system is iOS 10.0”. https://www.footballmanager.com/news/football-manager-2020-touch-compatible-devices
  7. The last 3-4 years of iPad versions have been buggy for months after release and some obvious bugs never get fixed. It looks like FMT20 is the same, but at this point I’ve come to expect a lot of bugginess on release. I’ll post specific bug reports when I have access to my laptop to share game saves, but so far there are a lot of delays moving from the main mode into match view and back again. The match engine is also unresponsive at times. I do like the new development and club vision stuff though. This makes it worth persisting with all the bugs.
  8. In my club vision, there is a requirement to “play entertaining football”. Does anyone know what specific elements of the playing style/tactics this refers to?
  9. Even though the season is over, I might pick up FMT 19 now that months of bug fixing has been done.
  10. How did FMT19 turn out in terms of bugginess? I’ve played FMT15-18 but avoided this year’s one because 18 was so buggy for so long.
  11. What about now? I’m still playing last year’s version because I’m worried about the number of bugs.
  12. How is it now? Still buggy and worth waiting a few more months?
  13. I agree with every word of this. I think it’s an accurate description of how it’s felt to be a FMT player over the last few years. I love the idea of FMT - something in between the full version and the mobile version - but the execution has been poor.
  14. I see there are even bugs in this version that were also in FMT18:
  15. There was an issue with this not working last year as well 🙄
  16. I was still posting about FMT18 bugs in Feb/March so it doesn’t give me much hope for this year’s version.
  17. Given that FMT doesn’t really change year on year (it shouldn’t really as it needs to remain simpler than the main game), you would expect it to get more stable over time but it seems like it’s not the case. The main game isn’t as buggy at launch, right?
  18. How buggy is this year’s version compared to previous years? I’ve been playing FMT ever since it has been available on the iPad but last year’s release was a disaster. It took about 3-4 months before the game was at the quality it should have been for release and it still has unfixed bugs. I spent quite a lot of time uploading save files and filing bug reports on here and don’t fancy doing the same again this year.
  19. Really hope this year’s version isn’t as bug ridden as last year’s.
  20. This happened to me. My assistant manager was poached by another club so while I had no assistant, I managed the reserves. Also with Oxford.
  21. If they announced no new features and had just worked on fixing bugs for a year, I would be happy. In FMT18 there were so many bugs for so long. Even now there are buggy UI elements that have not been fixed.
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