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  1. Since the iOS update, the game is now playable on iPad. I’m enjoying all the new stats and data analysis available.
  2. I’ve been playing FMT on iPad every year it’s been available and in the last few years, there’s been a consistent pattern. When the game is released, it has a myriad of bugs and the game is only stable and reliable months after launch. FMT20 is great now, but it wasn’t for months after launch. Same for FMT19 and so on. This year when I saw the bugs forum, I was wondering if FMT21 was really that bad, but when I launched the game it only took about 15 minutes to realise that yes it was. I don’t understand how the game can be released every year in this state. These aren’t edge case is
  3. Sounds like there are a lot of significant bugs right now. I’ve bought FMT on my iPad but waiting for at least the first update before playing.
  4. If you are looking for a specific player, tap the search icon at the top of the screen and type in their name. If you are looking for a player based on their attributes, tap on the search icon on the left (main menu) and then Player Search at the top.
  5. The last 3-4 years of iPad versions have been buggy for months after release and some obvious bugs never get fixed. It looks like FMT20 is the same, but at this point I’ve come to expect a lot of bugginess on release. I’ll post specific bug reports when I have access to my laptop to share game saves, but so far there are a lot of delays moving from the main mode into match view and back again. The match engine is also unresponsive at times. I do like the new development and club vision stuff though. This makes it worth persisting with all the bugs.
  6. In my club vision, there is a requirement to “play entertaining football”. Does anyone know what specific elements of the playing style/tactics this refers to?
  7. Even though the season is over, I might pick up FMT 19 now that months of bug fixing has been done.
  8. How did FMT19 turn out in terms of bugginess? I’ve played FMT15-18 but avoided this year’s one because 18 was so buggy for so long.
  9. What about now? I’m still playing last year’s version because I’m worried about the number of bugs.
  10. How is it now? Still buggy and worth waiting a few more months?
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