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  1. Just for comparison's sake - here's a snapshot of FM 19 - settings on high in the rain.
  2. I think this is what you were looking for. Also, the game seems to smooth out when the ball and play is on the near touchline, it gets progressively worse as the ball moves across the field to the far touchline, where the crowd is, if that makes any sense. Like in this picture, the GPU is at 61% when the ball is close to the near touchline. It goes all the way to 100% when the ball goes to the middle and far side. See my above pic for a reference of that.
  3. I'm having the same stuttering issues. I think I've attached what you're looking for. Let me know if you need anything else. GPU-Z Sensor Log.txt DxDiag.txt
  4. Thank you for your work on this. I am having some trouble with the facepack not aligning correctly though. The facepack is in the graphics/facepacks folder in My Documents. I have the 18.3.0 database loaded with no other databases active. I've cleared the cache and reloaded the skin, but the players have the wrong pics. Is there something I'm missing?
  5. Fire up your edited database and look at the weights the game has generated for some of the players you've created. If it looks good - there you are. If not, start plugging.
  6. How about the league repuation? Have you changed that as well?
  7. Not sure what setting I fiddled with, but when trying to load FM 16 I get an Input Signal Out of Range error. If I can't see the game, how can I change the resolution settings? I tried an uninstall/re-install but that didn't work. Is there something I can do outside of the game so that I can at least get into the program?
  8. Link to FM 16 version in OP. Enjoy. Maybe someone else can jump in on this, add players, tweak players, etc.
  9. I can't believe that there's a team in Roseville but White Bear Lake gets denied. Lol. I'll be following as this one literally hits close to home.
  10. From some of my experiences, it takes a year or so for the teams to start behaving differently than they normally would. Scouts need to find players, etc. I play around with a legends database and despite there being hundreds of affordable world class players available for transfer at the beginning of a game, teams always wait until at least the winter window, but mostly the window after the first season to start buying them. Try holidaying through the first season and the summer window after that and see if anything happens.
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