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  1. Will things like pitch textures and 3d balls work from fm18 to fm19?
  2. Hello I am getting a new Windows laptop, however my FM is currently installed on my Mac through Steam. Is it simply a case of installing steam on my new laptop and then I'll be able to play? Do I need to get a new code? Is there a free way of doing so or will I get screwed over and have to buy it again? Many thanks
  3. How do you change the opacity of backgrounds? I have custom stadium backgrounds but prefer them to be a bit darker than they are by default...other than that it's a lovely skin
  4. Mac mac mac. I almost lost my **** at work when I saw the announcement, but I won't be able to get it
  5. They might well do, but I'd really enjoy if your world class newgen who looks like a ******** 16 year old throughout their entire career decided to change his hairstyle and grow a beard, or something
  6. That's more of what I meant. On a similar note - I really like to scout competitions when I'm a club manager, but always forget to subscribe to them at the start of the season (eg. u-21 Euros; u-20 WC, etc). It would be nice if, whenever a competition is due to start, you got a news item to let you know and ask if you want to scout it (or just give you a bit of a preview (similar to the end of comp reviews you get) telling you which teams/players are expected to perform). I'm not even sure if you get that much of a preview when you subscribe to a competition.
  7. Ha, I come in here maybe once every edition of FM, and manage to time my 2 cents to fall at the bottom of a page.
  8. One thing I'd like from national management is greater interaction from the U-21s/U-19s. At the moment it almost seems like an afterthought - I think you should be provided with much greater feedback from their games and their tournaments. One thing I've noticed is that tournaments such as the Euro u-21 Championship doesn't simulate in the foreground. When you manage a national team, it should. That would make most people more inclined to take a bit of notice of the youngsters on display.
  9. On a similar note to ggwood's post - at present Chief Scouts, when left to make assignments, don't ever appear to show any variation. It means i end up with 10 scouts all scouting UK & Ireland or wherever, which is bloody annoying. It would be nice to set some parameters - for example tell the Chief Scout to assign the scouts to "Top 20 Nations" or "Top 20 Leagues" or something like that, so there isn't quite so much micromanagement involved.
  10. Oh and in all of that, some big questions remain outstanding: 1. Will finances finally be more realistic - it is still far too easy to end up with skyrocketing transfer budgets after just a few years. 2. How will the transfer module be changed - we've seen this year in particular a lot more high profile loans. I wonder how easy it will be to pull these off in the game.
  11. I will echo what I've said on OTF: Pros: *GUI - finally it looks excellent out of the box *Scouting - could not be more excited about this, if it works. *Manager options - especially useful for LLM to be more "tracksuit"; also like the options to have multiple favourite teams and languages - although of course these aren't game changing features *Movember - okay, so this is just a silly gimmick. BUT it provides the potential for newgens to potentially change their looks over time, which I think would be a neat feature. *More player interaction (eg. ask them to search for their own tra
  12. Brick Tamland - what logos are you using?
  13. Can't get the link to work?
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