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  1. I've seen a couple of posts on some of the Honor Magicbook laptops, but any views on the Magicbook Pro? https://www.amazon.co.uk/HONOR-MagicBook-Multi-screen-Collaboration-Fingerprint/dp/B08HNDT366?th=1 - £800 on Amazon at the moment, which seems a good deal, albeit I worry that the lack of a dedicated graphics chip will mean that the 3d engine for FM won't be very smooth? FM would be the only graphics 'intensive' thing that I'd use the laptop for, as my work is Word / Excel based, and every review I can find for the Magicbook Pro has been overwhelmingly positive. I'm therefore leaning towards it, unless someone wiser than me can point me in the direction of a better option.
  2. Season 2 and am currently 10 wins from 10 in the league, conceding only 1 goal. Haaland really is like a cheat code. he has 18 goals this season already. It's a shame that it isn't really much of a challenge, although I don't really want to start again once the full game is out!
  3. Have to say, I've found life pretty easier with United so far. Just started my second season. Won PL (losing 1 games), CL (beating Real Madrid 4-0 in the final) and Carabao Cup first season. Lost in the FA Cup Final. Martial was an absolute beast all season, scoring 28 goals. Cavani also got more than 20 despite mostly being a sub. Signed Sancho and Manuel Locatelli in the first window, then managed to get Camavinga in January as he was unhappy. This summer signed Donnarumma (free), Haaland, Nuno Mendes (unfortunately had to sell Telles as he wanted a new challenge) and Boubacar Kamara. So far this season I've won every game and am averaging about 3 goals a game. Haaland scoring more than 1 a game. Obviously it's fun to win, but I had hoped to have a bit of a challenge to get to this point. Liverpool and City were both miles off the pace last season, although City signed Joao Felix for £300m in the summer (and a few other players, somehow), whilst Liverpool bought Sergej and Lautaro, so maybe they'll both be competent this time around
  4. Will things like pitch textures and 3d balls work from fm18 to fm19?
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