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  1. Hi there-could U explain me one thing-my team is Plymouth Argyle and next match is vs Southend -and we have got this screen: https://tinypic.pl/fqqha2rckz3b Means that Southend playing 4-5-1 has 9 goal situations LESS that Southend's opponent? Am I right? Polish translation is quite bad here. Bud even worse is other screen: https://tinypic.pl/p4igv45guj86 What we have here? 4-4-2 (tactic marked) -is this Sountend's tactic or not? +22 goal situations... translation is very bad-who has 22 situations more? Southend ? Or Southend's opponent if Southend plays 4-4-2 ? Thanks for help.
  2. Zalicz? Don't think it would be ok....much better is zobacz IMHO of course
  3. Will be available? No (why?) When? Thanx
  4. No way-even my saved game is overwritten already...It happened for the first time.
  5. Sorry-my english is poor so ...use your imagination Playing Coupe de Ligue (OM vs Vallencienes) after full time result is 0:0. Extra time-first half -same result.After 118 min I scored! 1:0 ! I wanted to win and there were 2 min of match more, so i made change: remove one of two strikers and put extra defeder instead on pitch.After I started timer game became weird-screen started to blink and timer was starting and stopping automatically.Didnt know what to do-to finish match I had to change match option and changed it in "commentary only" mode-timere started to work properly and match has ended.
  6. Well....crash happened again. I created tactic and clicked medical center-and crash happened. FM 2018 v18.3.1.1071766 (2018.03.11 08.08.48).dmp
  7. Sorry-I cant remember.I'm pretty sure I didnt sell/buy players-maybe something with tactics or training? I remember info that in U-19 game 2 players had been injured...that it....
  8. After clicking "Continue" crash appeared. FM 2018 v18.3.1.1071766 (2018.03.10 10.10.08).dmp
  9. Funny is that now everything is OK.I don't understand-I did absolutely nothing-3 hours ago I couldn't use saved game because of lack ".fm"-now everything is OK-is Fm self-repairing game ?
  10. Everything is the same as in FM17 except lack of ".fm" in saved game name.
  11. Hi-when I click "save game as" and choose for example "Everton1" computer saves this game but later I cannot load it! Why? There is a bug-name of file is without ".fm" at the end. So when I want to load it first I must edit it under explorer, change name of file to "everton1.fm" and the everything is ok-game load as usuall.Annoying bug.
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