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  1. SOLVED I used wrong skin version-the newest fixed this bug
  2. Hi-where can I turn on/off player's names on tactic screen? Look at the picture and help me- i cannot see this option....tkanks!
  3. Yes- I ve got the same problem.My laptop is Asus Vivobook 14
  4. This skin is....u know what i mean...I played about 1.5 h and cannot any minute longer-please do something
  5. Hi there-could U explain me one thing-my team is Plymouth Argyle and next match is vs Southend -and we have got this screen: https://tinypic.pl/fqqha2rckz3b Means that Southend playing 4-5-1 has 9 goal situations LESS that Southend's opponent? Am I right? Polish translation is quite bad here. Bud even worse is other screen: https://tinypic.pl/p4igv45guj86 What we have here? 4-4-2 (tactic marked) -is this Sountend's tactic or not? +22 goal situations... translation is very bad-who has 22 situations more? Southend ? Or Southend's opponent if Southend plays 4-4-2 ?
  6. Will be available? No (why?) When? Thanx
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