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  1. In reality, many football teams are invited to participate in some famous pre-season tournament in different countries every year. (e.g. International Champions Cup) However, managers cannot organise this constantly organised tournament. Every time when I tried to organise the tournament with the same name, the system will automatically consider it as a new tournament, which I cannot see the past-winners. Hope that siga can made the system invite players' club to participate in constantly organised large-scale friendly tournament at pre-season period. p.s. Pre-season tournament is different from friendly tour. Friendly tour will force the team to play with local teams or teams training nearby, which maybe weak teams. Pre-season tournament will be held by a particular organisation and invite strong teams all over the world to travel to one particular country and play the tournament.
  2. Can we change the look of in-game stadium in Fm2017? (Not the mini stadium picture) If yes, can anyone show me the website that I can download the in-game 3D stadium look from?
  3. At what period u can vote for it?
  4. I am also the manager of an international team, still can't.
  5. What happen if there is a touch line ban issued in fm2017? Haven't tried it yet
  6. Can we even vote for global footballers' prizes in fm2017?
  7. Agree. The ref should be banned for the rest of the competition if his score is lower than 5.0 The manager should also get punishment too if he/she complains the ref wrongly instead of just getting warnings from the FA (I am not too sure about that)
  8. Can Siga add some animation clip for the Prize giving ceremony in the game? (e.g. League winner, Cups winner etc.) It would be interesting for the game if there are more animation clips rather than just football matches animation.
  9. MLP245

    Loan a stadium

    Can SIGA add the option of loaning a stadium in the club board . Just like What Man City did in 2003 and West Ham did in 2016. It will be boring if there are only options of buying a stadium, expanding a stadium or building a new stadium in the club board choices. Please add it for all clubs.
  10. Why can't we talk to the club staff (e.g. Coach, Assistant Manager) directly, just like the way that we talk to player? I hope we can directly require the staff to give more effort on training or healing the players.
  11. I hope that there is a function for us to control in-game footballers' weight to match the physical requirement of different divisions. Instead of just setting the training of football players' physical strength in footballers' training profile, I suggest fm adding a bar just for the amount of calorie that the football player absorb every month and increase its weight and natural fitness to directly meet the scale of different division. For example, High calorie absorption scheme, low calorie absorption scheme, normal calorie absorption scheme. Thanks
  12. I want to ask the procedure to sign players whose contract is expiring in 6 months in different leagues. I am not sure the steps to sign them Can anyone help me?
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