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  1. In regards to the development centre for FMT, how and when do youth players come through it into the reserve team?
  2. One recommendation that I have based on playing FMT is that the media sources who send interview questions could be more geographically consistent with who you are managing. For instance, as Man Utd I keep getting Voetbalzone, which I presume is Dutch (I only have one Dutch player Chong - so I don't think it's because of that), and this doesn't seem to be the most obvious choice to be asking the questions. In terms of immersion it would be better if it could be mainly the UK national newspapers, BBC sport and Skysports when managing in England. Naturally, were I managing in Holland then Voetbalzone would be more suited.
  3. An area for further improvement is how the game deals with VAR reviews, particularly offside. Rather than cutting away from the highlight, with then a text update at the top of the screen, I would rather stay with the highlight see the players on the pitch stood about waiting. Perhaps even put the VAR logo on the big screens during the short wait. It would be good to then show the decision and the players reacting to that.
  4. Have to say the game looks really polished this year. I've played 5 friendlies and am yet to encounter anything dubious, beyond my team not using it's allocated shirt numbers in friendlies (which isn't a major issue really). There might be a slight balancing issue with the frequency of headed attacking chances in the ME. Most of my chances seem to come from crosses. Certainly in my first league match my team scored 3 goals, all from headed chances. Could be a one off, so will look further at this.
  5. Having booted up FMT20 Beta is does say show in-game editor on the preferences page, so perhaps it is in this version (unless the menu has been brought over from FM20 and not edited accordingly - in which case it's a bug!)
  6. My players seem to be forever moaning about too much strength training or too little quickness training. Any ideas how to solve this?
  7. The teams in Wales, Northern Ireland and in the English League 1 and 2 should be alright in this Brexit scenario. There are more than enough British players in the game of the required standard to play for these teams without the need to be importing players from the continent (or even further afield). Given most of the teams in these leagues won't be scouting Europe or have much knowledge of these areas it shouldn't cause a particularly large impact to the game on the whole. It will change behaviours on who can be signed, but shouldn't impact the quality significantly. As you mention for the top Scottish Teams, English Championship and lower Premier League teams this is actually a beneficial Brexit scenario as the requirements are very easy to meet. Immigration is a controlled by the UK government, rather than a devolved power to the national assemblies. It is very unlikely, in my view, therefore that different rules would be allowed for different regions of the UK.
  8. Is there a way to set up a filter for a players second or additional nationality? I'm just about to have Brexit in my game and am aware that my current filter is only picking up players that have a first nationality of English/Welsh/Scottish/Northern Irish/Irish. It would be helpful to be able to search for those who may have British nationality as an additional nationality.
  9. It seems quite challenging to get lone strikers to produce the goods in this years game. Whilst my tactic seems to allow my attacking midfielders to score some goals, I can't help but think I would be better off if my striker proved to be my main goal outlet. I'm going to try playing 2 up top for a bit and see how that works out instead.
  10. I've just got a harder brexit in my save, whereby all EU nationals need a work permit to join a UK team irrespective of division. I'm quite looking forward to seeing how that impacts things in the Football League, where I'm currently managing. I'll be curious to see how good the AI is at squad building given that only British and Irish players will be available for nearly every team outside of the Premier League. Whilst I hope that there is a better outcome for football in the UK in reality than the one I've got in game, I have been keen to play a harder brexit save.
  11. I've decided to give FM Touch another go again this year, having not only played the full fat version for the past few editions of FM. In fact, I don't think I've tried the touch version since the first year it came out. My first impressions are very positive. Certainly, the biggest plus for me is that you can now load a lot more nations since I last played. That's a very welcomed addition for me, as I always want to play with the 5 main European footballing nations (England, France, Germany, Italy and Spain). The fact that I've been able to add several others and not get too penalised in terms of estimated game speed is also a massive boost. The biggest compliment I can give to this version of FM is that it seems to have captured the spirit of some of the older versions that I enjoyed the most when I was a teenager. I was playing the full fat version last week and trying to get my head round the training module thinking to myself is this really what I want from FM. This version is very much build your squad, get them on the pitch and play. No hassle with dynamics or endless player interactions. It's back to the core experience, without the baggage of the main game that can be a real turn off for a lot of players. Although I do miss doing an overall teamtalk, although I know that's a feature that won't be for everyone on this version. I like how things like scouting work with the reduced staff. I've set up a few different scouting reports to find various types of players going forward, so look forward to seeing the outcome of those. One minor issue here is that the staff will stop with the reports before sourcing any candidates for the position in question. Perhaps that needs looking at. I'm currently playing Southampton as Man Utd, and the United players are wearing blue shirts and shorts with red socks. Hopefully that can be amended as well, as it looks like I'm playing in a France kit. I'm going to finish a season on FMT and see how it shakes out. I'm interested to see how youth players join the team and at what age, given there are no U18 teams in the game. I'm curious to see how that works out.
  12. I must be terrible at this years game then as I've found it harder than previous years (I've been playing the game since Championship Manager 99/00). I've been playing as Oxford and it's been a real battle so far. In last years game I got Oxford promoted as champions at the first time of asking. This season I've played 11 league matches; winning 2, drawing 6 and losing 3. In reality Oxford have played 14; won 2, drawn 4 and lost 8. My team is harder to beat than the real Oxford, but at the same time don't really look like winning matches. Creating clear cut chances is a particular problem that I'm yet to solve. However, the element that I've found the hardest to manage is match cohesion in dynamics. It's stayed at about the 20% in the negative since I started my save. In all honesty I don't know how to positively influence it, is it possible to? Certainly in last years game there appeared to be a decent team boost for having very good cohesion and atmosphere. I guess this is the other side of the coin. I will have to read up and watch some youtuber video's to see where I'm going wrong. As always the beta is a learning experience for me, before kicking off a main save in the full version.
  13. They have launched a U23 squad for this season though. They have a team in the Premier League Cup: https://www.oufc.co.uk/news/2018/october/u23-swansea/ This has already been raised in the data part of the website.
  14. It seems that the designer who designed the Guess Who faces is now responsible for the regen faces on FM. They are absolutely shocking in this years game.
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