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  1. I tested this last night with my current save (Christchurch FC using a tier 10 custom db). Current save started before the patch on the 2/12/20 has seen in England (the only playable league) 6 players per club coming through the youth intake in 2021, then 3 players per club coming through in 2022 and 3 players per club coming through in 2023. I started a new save with the same db parameters on the 22/1/21 and there were 6 players on average coming through each club in England in 2021, then only 2 players per club coming through in 2022 and 2023. Seems like this is a known iss
  2. Yup. Just found that out. No alarms here 😂 *move along, nothing to see here*
  3. Hi, In my Christchurch FC save using a custom DB 'TheFMEditors' when I am in a match, during a highlight the top left match panel with the scorers and other match events doesn't disappear as shown below? Is there any fix for this? Is this because I am using a custom DB? It doesn't happen when watching highlights of a match either. This doesn't happen in my other saves. Any help would be great. https://gyazo.com/31f082a9444c46f09a1280897225e085
  4. Hi @Harrison Modeste, Thank very much for the update. It's unfortunate, but one of those things. The Christmas break is as good as can be expected in these uncertain times. Keep up the good work :) Stay safe. Regards CookieFM
  5. Any news on this fix Harrison? We have an online league awaiting a start date? We appreciate the hard work you guys at SI are putting in. Hope you had a good safe Christmas Regards CookieFM
  6. Hi Harrison, Hopefully it gets fixed soon. We appreciate all the hard work your whole team are putting in. Take care during this difficult time. Regards Cookiefm_
  7. I concur this is impossible to do... This mode is vital to our FMPL/FMCH online tournament we are running. Many thanks Import Teamm - FM21 Touch.mp4
  8. This match stats column won't disappear when highlight is showing? Regards CookieFM
  9. Wasn't sure where to put this. But, the media prediction is different. Say I'm predicted 19th in the league on the club info screen, but on the actual competition screen it says I'm predicted something different. Any help on this would be great.
  10. I have experienced a crash dump during the first recruitment meeting. Date is 1st of August. The only screenshot I have is the one below. The crash occurred after going through the first item in the recruitment meeting and then clicking 'right, now let's see the reports' Let me know if you need anymore info.
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