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  1. Time to test out the medical department!!
  2. It could purely be down to my tactics, playing gegenpress, attacking mentality, shorter passing, play out of defence, counter press, counter and high line, but I am finding that no matter who I play, they have more possession than me but my shots far outweigh theirs. As an example the last match I played the oppo had 56% possession but they had 0 shots on goal and I had 24. Match before that, I had 39% possession but had 21 shots to their 8. I won both games but it does seem odd my possession stats seem so low.
  3. As a Palace fan, we look for the following: High injury proneness; A head shaped like a 50p to add that real magic and intrigue every time they go to head the ball, so you really never know where it's going to go; A player trait of 'Attempts to shoot at goal and puts the ball out for a throw in'; Ridiculously high wages; Finally, scouting reports that have the following recommendation - Currently operating at a League Two level. Has the potential to break the record for the longest period without scoring a goal.
  4. Well I've just started the beta and 'sofa' so good. I'll get my coat.
  5. As someone who bares witness to Christian Benteke every week, I thought he was quite close.
  6. I wonder if real life managers sit there after a game questioning why in their nil nil game they had so many more throw ins than the opposition
  7. As a Crystal Palace fan who sees his team have about 2 shots per game, the shots into the side netting are really quite exciting and a new experience! The only bugbear I have is that when my cb hoofs it upfield, Benteke controls it. The following missed 1 on 1, however, is incredibly accurate. If SI could get his shots to go out for a throw in though, that would only add to the realism.
  8. I know they say the kids these days are growing up quicker, but a full on beard
  9. I'm not sure I would count this as a bug but Ii don't know if anyone else get's things like this. I have 2 strikers vying for one position up top and both doing pretty well but one is doing slightly better than the other so starts the majority of the games. Morelos, the striker playing second fiddle has been subject to a loan offer from Real Madrid all window. However, they have made the same identical offer for him about 18 times. Each time they offer 100% of wages but no fee and no option to buy. I always counter each offer with I want £3m a month fee playing/non-playing and they always withdraw the offer. I have been consistent with an identical response each time, however, their offer has never changed once. I don't understand the logic behind the game thinking that just repeating the same offer is going to suddenly make me change my mind and it's had no affect on Morelos either. I would have thought the AI would have some level of understanding that it would have to change it's offer to at least meet me half way as opposed to just repeat the same offer 18 times. It's the Jan window and they have made that offer 6 times in 3 days as we come to the end of the window.
  10. I find the body language seems to be a bit off a lot of the time. For example, I was playing in the FA cup final and we were 2-0 up with about half an hour to go. My striker who has 20 for professionalism, has body language of Disinterested. This is the FA cup final. This is a ultra professional. Why would anyone be disinterested in an FA Cup final. Fair enough if we were 6-0 up in the third round against a conference side, but the FA cup final? I find often if I go on any kind of good run, players, no matter how professional and determined they are can be either complacent or disinterested which just doesn't feel realistic to me. I know the counter argument would be look at Pogba but I wouldn't call him professional or determined. You don't see Man City players looking disinterested when they are thumping Burton 9-0 or Rotherham 7-0. It probably doesn't affect the game that much but it does bug me.
  11. Don't worry, after rebooting my machine twice it just started the final part of the update.
  12. I'm getting the following error and I've restarted steam a couple of times
  13. Just scouted Andre Gomes who is listed, scouts say estimated cost is 'Don't want to sell' yet he has a set asking price... *sorry thought I'd posted this in the bugs forum*
  14. Does anyone know how to improve a players standing in the team? Is there anything I can do as a manager to integrate them better? I have Dolberg who has been phenomenal, 21 goals in 25 appearances but he recognises he has little standing with his social group, poor player relations and no common nationality with team mates. I don't really want to sign another Dane for the sake of it and given he speaks perfect english, I would have thought it wouldn't be that hard to integrate, especially as he's the star player. He's still listed in the Other Players in the hierarchy.
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