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  1. I find the body language seems to be a bit off a lot of the time. For example, I was playing in the FA cup final and we were 2-0 up with about half an hour to go. My striker who has 20 for professionalism, has body language of Disinterested. This is the FA cup final. This is a ultra professional. Why would anyone be disinterested in an FA Cup final. Fair enough if we were 6-0 up in the third round against a conference side, but the FA cup final? I find often if I go on any kind of good run, players, no matter how professional and determined they are can be either complacent or disinterested which just doesn't feel realistic to me. I know the counter argument would be look at Pogba but I wouldn't call him professional or determined. You don't see Man City players looking disinterested when they are thumping Burton 9-0 or Rotherham 7-0. It probably doesn't affect the game that much but it does bug me.
  2. Don't worry, after rebooting my machine twice it just started the final part of the update.
  3. I'm getting the following error and I've restarted steam a couple of times
  4. Just scouted Andre Gomes who is listed, scouts say estimated cost is 'Don't want to sell' yet he has a set asking price... *sorry thought I'd posted this in the bugs forum*
  5. Does anyone know how to improve a players standing in the team? Is there anything I can do as a manager to integrate them better? I have Dolberg who has been phenomenal, 21 goals in 25 appearances but he recognises he has little standing with his social group, poor player relations and no common nationality with team mates. I don't really want to sign another Dane for the sake of it and given he speaks perfect english, I would have thought it wouldn't be that hard to integrate, especially as he's the star player. He's still listed in the Other Players in the hierarchy.
  6. As a side note, I ended my run of 6 losses as Palace beating Chelsea 1 nil with no subs. Might do it more often!
  7. I'm on a bad run at the moment, can't buy a win. I decided to overhaul my tactics and in doing so I named a new first eleven. As I was concentrating on that I completely forgot to name any subs and started a game. Pretty sure I didn't get a warning that I hadn't selected any subs, which whilst my fault, I would expect my Ass Man to give me a little nudge and tell me I was being a plonker....
  8. I'm 5 games into my first season with Palace and I have virtually no reputation. My team absolutely hate me but I am loving it. I will make this little scallywags love me whether they like it or not. Couldn't buy a win to start off with in pre season and first few Prem games but slowly starting to turn the corner now.
  9. I think I am going to get this laptop which after the discount works out to be £989.10. Has good a processor, graphics card and SSD http://www.dell.com/uk/p/inspiron-15-7567-laptop/pd?oc=cn56705&model_id=inspiron-15-7567-laptop
  10. Thinking of getting this: https://www.johnlewis.com/hp-omen-15-ax205na-gaming-laptop-intel-core-i7-8gb-ram-1tb-hdd-128gb-ssd-nvidia-gtx-1050-15-6-full-hd/p3152921 Will almost be purely for FM and basic browsing the net. Any recommendations on alternatives that may be better for the money? The only thing I'm not keen on is the weight.
  11. I have just bought Luan and he is a natural in 4 positions, AMC/L/R/ST. He's a very happy chappie as I have promised to play him in his favoured position. Any idea how I tell which one is his favoured position?
  12. Anyone know how much the ingame editor is to buy in pounds? I want to add all the funds into my steam wallet before I buy the whole game as I always end up with a spare few pence after getting the editor because of the minimum amount you can add to your wallet. It shouldn't bother me as it's only a few pennies but it does!!
  13. What do you usually leave yours on? For General I will normally leave it on balanced unless I have new signings and it goes to team cohesion. Match tactics, usually starts off as match tactics then moves to team work. What do you set yours too? Do you change it very often? I also find if I use def. positioning my team scores more goals and if I put it on Att. movement I can't score for toffee!!
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